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Mourn - The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path
by Patrick Eden at 16 October 2014, 8:46 PM

MOURN describe their genre as ‘Heavy-Stoner-Blues-Groove-Rock-Sludge-Metal’ and to be honest, this is as accurate as it’s possible to be. Whoever said Metal has too many subgenres?

This Dutch quartet claim that as everything has already been done in Metal, they are not going to bother bringing anything new, which I think is a wonderful bit of honesty from a band that has clearly accepted that they’re going to be unoriginal and just play what they love. Don’t you just hate groups that try to argue that their record is “original and new and will surprise people”, before doling out the same old shit that we’ve been listening to for years?

That being said, this three track EP is very good, and the quicker full-length release comes out the better. The band are true to their word and give us nothing new, just a wonderful mesh of subgenres crammed into just twelve minutes of music. Opening track “Wolfskin” starts with a superb intro that, to me anyway, sounded like a slightly quicker version of GRAND MAGUS“Triumph And Power”, and I really wasn’t expecting that, the song then drifts off into that Groovy, Sludgy sound that is MOURN in full flow.

The other two tracks, “Fool’s Gold” and “Diver” continue along MOURN’s obsessively detailed blueprint; pounding drums, prominent riffs and a more than capable vocalist in Pieter Verpaalen. These songs already sound like they’d be absolute killers in a live setting, “Wolfskin” and “Fool’s Gold” are definitely ones that would leave your neck aching for days after a show, the underlying rhythm from the drums and bass is superb, and it’s delightfully easy to just slip into the groove in seconds.

Honestly, my only real complaint with this is that it’s too short; I feel that it’s hard to judge a band on just three tracks and will leave a more thorough examination for their first full-length release. But it is one that I will be very much looking forward to.

4 Star Rating

1. Wolfskin
2. Fool’s Gold
3. Diver
Pieter Verpaalen - Vocals
Kas Kluitman - Guitars
Thomas Frankhuijzen - Drums
Robin Zielhorst - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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