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Mourners Lament – We All Be Given Award winner

Mourners Lament
We All Be Given
by Jess at 02 August 2017, 8:59 AM

MOURNERS LAMENT was born in Chile in 2004. They are influenced by the English Doom Death Metal sound of the early 90’s. After facing an ever-present issue with many bands, line-up changes, the band released an EP “Unbroken Solemnity” in 2008 and after a nine-year progression we have their debut full-length album “We All Be Given” that was released in April of 2017. This album comes in with six tracks at a listening time of just under 43 minutes.

The opening track, “As Solemn Pain Profaned”, comes in with a nice guitar solo with just a bit of drum action providing a little cryptic intro, then we get a picture of a heavier and meatier full on Doom style. The guitars are heavy and the bass is this thick mass of goodness. The guitars actually lighten up a bit throughout but with the bass’ thickness and the drums slow and precise heaviness, the overall tone still keeps it dark. The vocals are deep with a guttural growl that makes them almost unintelligible. This track slowly brings the listener in to a world of gloom and darkness: a world of shadow and mist. There is so much atmosphere.

Slumbers”, starts exactly how you would imagine a title like that would: soft and methodic, turning a bit harder overall with the added harsh vocals. The accent is wrapped in there and only adds to the depth of the track. I like the melody intertwined here. While it isn’t first and foremost in the track, it is a phenomenal touch.

The Heavy Metal guitars presented in the beginning of track three “Omnipresence” is outstanding. A slow pluck with some incredible ambience, that turns into masterful guitar slaying. It’s not fast or hard, but it is an incredible show of musicianship and guitar work. This instrumental leads directly into “Suffocating Hopes”, track four, it is the perfect transition. Keeping with a slower feeling, but does get hard and deep, this fourth track shows an even more profound musicianship. These two tracks are by far my favorite on the album and have some of the best show of masterful play and strong song transition.

The Storm”, track five, starts off with drums, which is a bit of a change. We don’t usually get those right off the bat, at least not on this album. They are nicely done too. They navigate rhythm changes flawlessly and bring a bit of bang, without being completely blast beat-y. The guitar and bass work here is great as well and work so nicely with the vocals. This track is but another on the scale of greatness in this album.

The final track and namesake for the album comes in at a balmy 13:06 of listening time. The opener is atmospheric excellence. The guitars quietly come in giving even more interest. The sound steadily builds then the drums burst forth. While still slow, the track is complex and drips with ambience. It is easy to see why this track is the namesake of the album. It is another track that performs at max level, not only because of its length. There is some really amazing work throughout this track; it takes multiple listens to hear all the elements thrown in.

MOURNERS LAMENT is an incredible set of artists. “We All Be Given” is a masterpiece. For such a relatively young band, the music that comes out of this album is astonishing. The atmosphere is done with care and creativity, the writing is thoughtful, and the sound is exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Definitely give “We All Be Given” a whirl. This is work to be proud of.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. As Solemn Pain Profaned
2. Slumbers
3. Omnipresence
4. Suffocating Hopes
5. This Storm
6. We All Be Given
Marcos Contreras - Guitar
Miguel Canessa - Drum
Matias Aguirre - Keyboards
Franco Ciaffaroni - Bass
Cristian Ibañez - Vocals
Record Label: Hammerheart


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