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Mourning Beloveth - Rust & Bone Award winner

Mourning Beloveth
Rust & Bone
by Danny Sanderson at 10 February 2016, 1:57 AM

MOURNING BELOVETH are one of the most enduring and impressive Extreme Metal bands to come out of Ireland. Over the course of their twenty three years of existence, the band has produced some powerful, melody tinged Death/Doom. The bands latest, sixth full length, "Rust & Bone", is no different, and may actually be one of their best records to date.

  The opening track on this record, "Godether", is classic, vicious Death/Doom with a great, epic quality about its sound. The guitar lines are dark, brooding and contrast well with Darren Moore's thick gutturals extremely well. The song utilises both clean and harsher guitar tones with great effect, and overall, the song flows incredibly well, and draws the listener in from the first note to the last. It's a very strong opening gambit for this record. This is quickly followed by "Rust", one of two short, instrumental pieces that help to break up the album between each of this records three lengthy full length tracks. This particular song comprises of some great acoustic guitar lines and powerful chanted vocal lines that work incredibly well with the music. The song which follows immediately after it, "The Mantle Tomb", is a much faster, gloomier affair than the albums first track. The soaring vocals and the opposing tar-like growls both sound amazing on this song, and along with the bleak, authoritative guitar sections, they are without a doubt one of the highlights of this track. This song is easily one of the best on the record, and at points it sounds absolutely monolithic, especially in the second half. After another brief instrumental piece in the way of the sweet and melodic "Bone", the albums final track, "A Terrible Beauty Is Born", begins; with catchy acoustic guitars,  powerful, rhythmic drumming, and some of the best vocal deliveries on the whole record, this is a great way to end this great album. It's an incredibly impressive piece of music, and leaves the listener wanting more, which is the mark of an excellent closing track.

   This is an amazing record from a band that have perfected their craft down to an art form. It's safe to say that there is not a bad, or even average, song on this entire album, and it manages to blend a variety of different musical ideas together really well without detracting from the core essence of the bands sound. There's definitely plenty for fans of aggression, melody and the melancholic to check out on this record, so it is definitely worth a listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Godether
2. Rust
3. The Mantle Tomb
4. Bone
5. A Terrible Beauty Is Born
Timmy Johnson- Drums
Frank Brennan- Guitars, Clean Vocals
Darren Moore- Vocals
Brendan Roche- Bass
Pauric Gallagher- Guitars
Record Label: Van Rcords


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