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Mourning Caress – Deep Wounds, Bright Scars

Mourning Caress
Deep Wounds, Bright Scars
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 November 2011, 5:07 PM

Although I was a bit perplexed about this release, I was glad that I caught it. Most of the melodic Death Metal that I stumble upon is virtually associated to yet another version of the Gothenburg style, whether modern or old school. When I listened to MOURNING CARESS's new album through MDD Records, "Deep Wounds, Bright Scars", it felt different though it wasn't such a deep and bright outcome.

The first thing that I noticed about MOURNING CARESS wasn't their music but their vocal line. No matter what will be said about it, those rough surges weren't growls but rather some of the screamo stuff going around today with additional hints of the hardcoric style. Nonetheless, the vocalist, with his noisy like pattern, knew exactly how to express strong negative emotional states like pains, grief and despair just as the album's aura suggests. He literally spilled his guts out, in a way similar to John Tardy of OBITUARY, although it went on being monotonic sometimes.

Music wise, MOURNING CARESS weren't too far from enticing with their side of melodic extreme Metal. Actually, when I snooped the tracks, I had the feeling that I was listening to the Nu Metal kind of DEFTONES along with a modern version of DARK TRANQUILITY. The songs have their share of strong grooves, octaves as a basis for the modern rhythms along with speedy bolts from time to time. Those assorted riffs were enhanced by some nice melodies and occasional solos of a classic Metal origin. Nevertheless, as the musical direction was played well, the tracklist seemed to be repeating itself.

In order to sound a little near the mainstream of melodic Death Metal, or Metal in general, MOURNING CARESS, as it would seem from the songs, used pretty much the same rhythmic ideas for each track. A quick example that it is not hard to miss is the lead section that comes regularly when almost every song comes to a close. Moreover, there are tracks where there is only a single lead guitar rhythm is guiding and that is a bit disappointing.

In general, there is something good going. The rain of negative emotions was well felt and the album made its purpose as a gloomy story. "My Sky Turned Black" was the toughest in the bunch while "Filling The Emptiness" wasn't far away as well. Mikael Stanne of DARK TRANQUILITY made a hell of guest appearance on "Wastelands Within" that also was an impressive track even though it took me a while to like it.

This is the release of MOURNING CARESS. For me it felt different than other albums of this subgenre's and I was glad for it. However, I think they can do a lot better. There is a talent here no doubt as making Death Metal accessible isn't that of an easy task.

3 Star Rating

1. A Matter Of Time
2. Panic
3. Filling The Emptiness
4. Wastelands Within
5. Staring Into The Abyss
6. Another Day Another Struggle
7. Hate And Denial
8. My Sky Turned Black
9. Never Surrender 
Gerrit Mohr- Vocals
Dominik Schlüter- Drums
Florian Albers- Guitar
Wolfgang Sander- Guitar
Daniel Busche- Bass
Record Label: MDD Records


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