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MP - Get it Now (Reissue)

Get it Now (Reissue)
by Kenn Staub at 10 June 2021, 1:35 PM

Get It Now,” originally released in 1987 (reissued April 30, 2021), was the second studio offering by German band MP. In some respects, “Get It Now” represents the more down-to-earth, traditional hard rock/metal (think AC/DC) that was going somewhat by the wayside at that time as pop/hair metal was rising to the fore. Listening to this album, I was also reminded of ACCEPTS 1982 “Restless And Wild” in that “Get It Now” is a collection of blue collar metal with occasional forays into what would become speed metal (the songs “Claws From The Night” and “Hawk Of May” for example).

Thomas Zeller’s accented vocals are perfect for the songs he is singing, giving the lyrics a Teutonic-flavor I’ve always appreciated in metal. Andy Wolk is a solid on guitars, playing rhythms and solos equally well. His solos are not overdone or reliant on fretboard pyrotechnics, though he does some hammering on “Get It Now” and shows a bit of low-key trickery on “Never Trust A (Wo)man.” Wolk joins with Wolfgang Nübling (bass) and drummer Klaus Sperling to lay down tight rhythm lines that serve as the foundation of MP’s music.

Not For The Innocent” is melodic with a great guitar lead-in. As mentioned above, “Claws From The Night” has a speed metal feel, the drums and bass given the opportunity to push the song forward. A steady guitar line plays over top the drums and bass on “Rocktober Blood,” with the guitar solo standing out more from the rhythm section than it had on the two previous tracks. “Don’t Ask About His Name (Lohengrin)” is more a blues-based rocker, while “Lion In A Cage” is appropriately pensive.

I was reminded of KROKUS while listening to the eponymous “Get It Now.” Starting with a spare, atmospheric guitar line, “Cruel To The Heart” initially gives the impression it might be a power ballad. Do not be mistaken, when the intro concludes the tune’s pace picks up and it becomes a driver. Another example of old-school speed metal, “Hawk Of May” is rife with heaviness. MP channels anger and betrayal into their playing on “Never Trust A (Wo)man.”

The final track, “Slow Down,” is somewhat of a mystery, an instrumental excursion lasting slightly over a minute. It has a lighter quality than the prior nine tunes. With its cool riff, I wish there was more to this song and that MP had explored it further. “Get It Now” is a consistently solid 40 minute compilation of riff-based, melodic heavy metal (with flashes of speed metal). The album definitely has the feel of something done three decades ago but, despite that, it, like the best music, has a timelessness that still holds up.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Not For The Innocent
2. Claws From The Night
3. Rocktober Blood
4. Don’t Ask About His Name (Lohengrin)
5. Lion In A Cage
6. Get It Now
7. Cruel To The Heart
8. Hawk Of May
9. Never Trust A (Wo)man
10. Slow Down
Thomas Zeller – Vocals
Andy Wolk – Guitars
Wolfgang Nübling – Bass
Klaus Sperling – Drums
Record Label: Relics from the Crypt


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