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Mr. Bison - Seaward Award winner

Mr. Bison
by Jordan Rogers at 22 November 2020, 9:22 PM

MR. BISON, with their heavy but intriguing sounds, will have you blown away. Their riffs and groovy sounds have the potential to transport you back to the time of JIMI HENDRIX. “Seaward” has all of the wavy psychedelic sounds that came from HENDRIX’s era with a flare of heaviness and a sprinkle of blues. This album is ready to take you on a journey, if that is how you wish to perceive it. Otherwise, it is a rocking album that has a lot to offer within its well-crafted tracks. The blending of all that is happening is done ever so flawlessly.

The first track, “Seaward”, starts off at a nice slow pace. Nice melodies, a soft voice; almost sacred feeling in a way. Then come the groovy sounds, followed by the heavy sounding guitar, all while still holding on to that original feeling. It can give you this feeling that there may be so much more to these songs than just words and melody. Almost as if the band has a full story behind what the track means to them on a much deeper level. That meaning is one which we may never get to know, but you can give this album a listen and develop your own personal meaning, which I feel is just as important.

“From The Abyss” is a whole new type of sound when you get to listening to it. It starts off fast and slows down to a very peaceful sound. The vocals draw you in and hold your attention. Paying mind to what is being sung, you almost forget that you are listening to an album that considers itself “heavy”. Just as you’re wondering if the heaviness will come back, it blares through your speakers. With a nice rhythm as to not overpower the vocals, it is just enough for you to feel a new sense of power.

“The Sacrifice” starts off fast and heavy, wailing guitar powering through above all the other fast paced music. It certainly gives off that old psychedelic rock vibe in a very strong way. The lyrics are just as powerful as the music that accompanies it. Piercing guitar in and out the whole way through makes this song one of the most powerful tracks on the album. Rocking and vibing at the same time; just the way that this type of music should feel.

If you miss that old psychedelic rock era feel, this band is one that you need to try out. The groovy sounds throughout will surely give you something that you are looking for.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Seaward
2. From The Abyss
3. I'm The Storm
4. Oudeis
5. The Sacrifice
6. Underwater
7. The Curse
Matteo Barsacchi - Guitar/Vocals
Matteo Sciocchetto - Guitar/Vocals
Matteo D’Ignazi - Drums/Sound Effects/Vocals
Record Label: Subsound Records


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