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Mr. Giant & The Broken Stone - Metamorphosis Award winner

Mr. Giant & The Broken Stone
by Andrew Harvey at 02 August 2022, 6:02 AM

A four member band by the name of MR. GIANT & THE BROKEN STONE started out as ‘a whisper, the breeze of a dream…It wasn’t about being different, or special much less about being important. Will and belief will always be fantastic focus engines that will allow us to give the best of the best of us’. The band themselves feature four members including; FÁBIO JERÓNIMO on vocals/guitars, MARCO JOSE on guitars, PHILIPE PINHEIRO on bass guitar and FÁBIO NUNES on drums. Their style is very much hard rock or alternative as they released their debut album titled METAMORPHOSIS back in 2020 when the world was taken over by Covid-19.

They are back with a partnership with Wormholedeath to release their reissue of their debut album two years after the original release. So the album begins with “Already Done” as electrifying guitar allows drums and vocals to be introduced. Vocals and guitar in conversation as drums set that heavy, alternative metal style. What an awesome guitar solo towards the end as we head straight into track two. “Scream” carries those guitar melodies full of beauty and power, vocals a little more subtle at first as the tone is mid range as the focal point. From the lyrical content this track is personal as there are the struggles of life mentioned as the track title is an expression of making these problems go away.

Guitars and drums do their best to light the spark of a long non-vocal/instrumental section as vocals are sustained more this time. “Lost Island” is up next as rolling drums act as the influence for guitar and bass to join in on the action. The sight of a small island can be depicted in this track and the water surrounding it. The vocals pull back as they go smoothly and guitar + drums gain the opportunity to improvise more as the lyrical content speaks of conflict as well. Guitar fizzes out more at the end we head into “Desert Streets” as a slow guitar picks then bass has a short phrase as it stands out more than before.

Drums break down the wall of sound as vocals put on the alternative rock attitude speaking of streets in a city maybe. The vocals cut through so mean and forging an attack on the audio spectrum. One section steadies the ship of the damned and elements flowing underneath. Onto the next track “Crying For No One” as drums carry the tempo as guitar plays the higher melodic pitch. Drums seem to get more creative as the guitar is a bit more prolonged but still throwing those nice hooks. Vocals take a step back most of the time but then we do have to move on as we go into track six which is titled “What Means…Happiness”.

Electric guitar and drums venture together as guitar blossoms in a bouncy pace then vocals join. Tempo overall has been reduced to allow all instruments to provide tonality and contrast but the dynamics as colorization is simply brilliant. The dialogue between each instrument is remarkable especially bass when it plays a few notes going towards the end to invite guitar and drums back in. “The Cave of The Python” with a more edgy guitar rhythm as drums fills those gaps with solo work. Vocals do fight on but take a break as halfway we are in this track as an instrumental closing points us to the next track.

“Vendetta” is starting differently as guitar is trimmed back in tempo as drums kicks in to carry the variation in timing more of a sway. Cymbal hits project well and vocals are so clear and visible like the words are spoken this way on purpose. Drums become more punchy and have clarity marching at one point back into the alternative, rock-steady climax. “Insomnia” as processed guitar lifts up the drums into play as vocals sound determined and verifies the harsh words. Glittering guitar appears as the momentum is strong as melody and rhythm are key here. “Metamorphosis” is the last track of the reissue as the original release goes as even and cymbal hits come into play as drums put their mark on this intro.

A brief pause comes with guitar taking the lead as drums accompany then a return to solo shorts as both instruments take their aim. Mellow guitar closes out as it starts this final track too. This is a truly fantastic album as it really brings out the hardcore elements of the Portuguese band as they really do show their talent and ambitions in their music as it speaks to their audience so clearly and concise. The guitar and vocals as do drums stand out more and their style is defined by all the instruments coming together even though this is a reissue, it still remains as one of the best hard rock albums from such a band from Portugal.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Already Done
2. Scream
3. Lost Island
4. Desert Streets
5. Crying For No One
6. What Means…Happiness
7. The Python’s Cave
8. Vendetta
9. Insomnia
10. Metamorphosis
Fábio Jerónimo - Vocals + Guitars
Marco José - Guitars
Philipe Pinheiro - Bass Guitar
Fábio Nunes - Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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