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Muddles - Mind Muddling Award winner

Mind Muddling
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 25 August 2021, 6:21 AM

Many are the historical facts that enable the creation of what some can call Alternative Metal. The coming of Grunge Rock and Alternative Rock in the early days of the 90’s, the massive groove influence that PANTERA, DOWN, C.O.C., the commercial praise for new forms of playing Rock in the middle of the 90’s, and others created on the same period, and others (there are many to speak/write about). You can choose anyone to explain why the musical work of the French quartet MUDDLES is so catchy as can be heard on “Mind Muddling”, their second album.

The quartet uses a combination of modern and accessible melodies with abrasive Alternative Rock/Metal influences. And using their own personality to create their music, it bears a sensible rough touch of aggressiveness (some grunts screams heard on “September Day” are inheritances from New Metal and Metalcore), but the focus is to create modern and accessible songs based on hooking melodies and unforgettable choruses. It’s a very good form of music, indeed (except for those radicals that stay all the day hearing extreme music). The sonority was built with extreme care, because even using modern tunes and definition (what means that everything can be heard and understood), they are clear and comprehensible in a way that even you, grandma or grandpa, will hear without complaints.

The Groove melodies heard on “Collapse” (fine melodic aesthetics with excellent vocals), the accessible modern appeal of “Introspection” (that bears charming arrangements on the guitars and catchy chorus) and “Spring Isn’t Canceled”, the somber “Toxic Friend” (based on a good work from bass guitar and drums), the massive modern and melodic weight of “Untouchable”, and the charming melodies weaved by “Human Aptitude” are the best ones to begin with. On the second listen, you’ll be hooked by this album. The world’s musical reality (in terms of commercial), by now, is surely unknown. But for those who wants something melodic and modern, “Mind Muddling” is a fine release, and MUDDLES is the right band.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Collapse
2. Introspection
3. September Day
4. Spring Isn’t Canceled
5. Toxic Friend
6. Djentleman
7. Untouchable
8. We Are Not Alright
9. Deep
10. Human Aptitude
Mogore Barbara - Vocals
Pelouin Jerome - Guitars
Light Mario - Bass
Dunoyer Fabien - Drums
Record Label: Klonosphere Records


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