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Mudface - Awaken to a Different Sun Award winner

Awaken to a Different Sun
by Cullen Baldridge at 17 July 2019, 2:24 AM

MUDFACE was formed by Chris Dinsmore and Ted Aguilar from DEATH ANGEL in 2005, they have released two EP's and one full length album prior to "Rabbit Hole" they are from the Bay area in California, a kind of interesting fact is that Rob and Grant are a father and son guitar attack, I have heard the name before but never really checked them out before this review, with the first song, I was in hell yeah, why haven't I been listening to these guys' mode. I'm already loving this album just by skimming through a song or two, I guess I'll stop talking shit and try to do a review that will do MUDFACE justice.

"End Of My Rope" Dinsmore's voice reminds me of ANTHRAX, in the John Bush days, which was my favorite era of ANTHRAX, it is a song about being down and out, thinking you can't sink no lower, all hope is gone, being in desperation at the end of your rope, It's A description of how life is for many in general, same shit a different day, in hopes of a break. "Awaken To A Different Sun" seems to be on a path to destroy anything that comes in its path, It has fast and heavy guitars, the drumming is brutal, the bass lines are dark and evil, another great song by MUDFACE. "Snakes" is another song filled with shredding guitars, blistering drums and brutal vocals laying a path of destruction, it is a song about being suffocated by chaos and rising up as one to destroy the madness before us all.

"Rabbit Hole" is a song about depression, being trapped inside your head and fighting it alone and not being able to find your way out of it, It is a vicious cycle of loneliness that spins in your mind and it's like been caught up in a "Rabbit Hole". "Warhorse" seems to be as with most of the songs on this album about all hope being gone and everybody rising together and fighting against what is destroying us all.

I normally complain about all the songs being the same in a lot of the reviews but I love how this album is linked together with songs about depression and fighting back being the main topics, I love this album and have plans on checking their other releases out.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. End Of My Rope
2. Awaken To A Different Sun
3. Snakes
4. Rabbit Hole
5. Warhorse
Chris Dinsmore - Vocals
Rob Kaloowitz - Guitar
Grant Kalowitz - Guitar
Jim Pegram - Bass
Brett Crane – Keyboards / Vocals
Tim Davis - Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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Edited 08 December 2022

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