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Muldjord - The Colour Of My Soul Award winner

The Colour Of My Soul
by Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham at 16 October 2014, 3:57 PM

From the dark depths of Denmark at Death Metal legend is born, and that is one-man band MULDJORD. If his latest release “The Colour Of My Soul” doesn’t ensure a promising legacy then I don’t know what will.

According the Metal Archives, MULDJORD has a principle of never charging people for his music. His releases are always available as high quality downloads from the official homepage. So with this in mind there isn’t really a reason why you couldn’t get this man’s album.

With the first track titled “Hatred” and one of the lyrics growling about wishing someone would just die it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of Metal this man plans to spew onto us. Although I did find myself enjoying this album very much; particularly within the vocals I was highly reminded of Black Metal titans EMPEROR and Death Metal pioneers CANNIBAL CORPSE. Given the fact I am reminded of legends as I listen to these brutal tracks can only mean good things for the band.

The album encompassed many great qualities of a Death Metal record; these included originally dirty guitar solos and rough and ready death growls that will be sure to conquer the metal community.

As I listen to these tracks I can only imagine lots of glossy hair swishing back and forth alongside mosh pits breaking out into the stage area. The tracks that strongly suggest this to me are “Demons Of The Past”, “Megalomania” and “Beating The Heart”, I found myself head banging along to these particular tracks as they belted out of my headphones. Particularly along to the strong bass line.

Closing with one last Death Metal track “When You Die, You’re Dead” marked the end of a brilliant record.

So overall a brilliant record from MULDJORD!

4 Star Rating

1. Hateful
2. The Colour Of Your Soul
3. A Thousand Paths
4. Demons Of The Past
5. A Time To Shine
6. The Pebble And The Stone
7. Megalomania
8. Eternal Dreamless Sleep
9. Beating The Heart
10. When You Die, You’re Dead
Lars Muldjord – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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