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Mumakil - Flies Will Starve

Flies Will Starve
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 01 August 2013, 11:20 AM

MUMAKIL is the name of those massive, scary elephants in the “Lord Of The Rings”. It’s also the name of a massive, scary Grindcore band from Switzerland. The quartet holds nothing back with this massive, scary release, the shocking 24-track album “Flies Will Starve”. If this heart-stopper had been playing in “Return of the King” when the Mumakils attacked, the scene would’ve been a whole lot more interesting.

I won’t be going into detail about each song, partly due to the fact that there’s so many, and partly because the sound remains pretty similar throughout the album. Angry, in your face and fast – what more can you expect from Grindcore? Each song is only 2 minutes or less, getting the point across quickly and furiously. The vocals remained growly, the guitars were consistently distorted and the drums kept on double-kicking. The lyrical content and overall mood is pretty grim, if the album title doesn’t indicate that enough. It’s quite a bleak outcome if even the flies are going to starve, what does that mean for us?

Although at first listen this album appears to simply be a wall of sound, if you pay attention there are several parts that stand out. The guitar riffs in “Betrayer”, for example, are awesome, and the alternating drums and guitar in “Death From Below” has a headbanging effect. “Fucktards Parade” grabs your attention just by looking at the name. The band obviously get along, as the music works together perfectly to create a brutal disharmony. A definite recommendation for those who live, breathe and worship Grindcore.

3 Star Rating

1. Death From Below
2. Dawn of Slugs
3. War Therapist
4. Fucktards Parade
5. Built of Lies
6. Shit Reminders
7. Designed to Fail
8. Get Exorcised
9. Fresh Meat for the Grinder
10. Repudiate
11. Army of Freaks
12. Hailing Regression
13. Cockroaches
14. Wrong Turn
15. Let the World Burn
16. Piss Off (part 2)
17. Waste By Definition
18. Unfair for Whom?
19. Bring Them to Ruin
20. Begging for the Obvious
21. Redline
22. Blind Disciples
23. Betrayer
24. Behind the Mask
Tom - Vocals
Jerome Pellegrini (Jeje) - Guitars
Benjamin Droz (Benj) - Bass
Kevin Foley - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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