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Municipal Waste - Slime and Punishment

Municipal Waste
Slime and Punishment
by VR at 04 July 2017, 6:10 AM

Nuclear Blast Records is one of the most recognized and respected Metal record companies in the world today and it counts in its amazing roost, Crossover band MUNICPAL WASTE. Born from the radioactive waste of Richmond Virginia, this irrelevant and downright rude band started their musical journey in the year 2000. Since then the prolific band has regurgitated 4 EPs, 7 split albums and 6 full length studio albums. The band members have side projects with Tony Foresta and Land Phil being a part of IRON REAGAN and yet amidst all the side distraction the band managed to spew out its 6th studio album. The band has been influenced by pioneers of the Crossover genre like SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, DRI, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and ANTHRAX. Clever and comical song titles are a plenty in this album as well and the band have hurled out 14 blistering tracks.

The band has added a fifth member to their ranks, Nick Poulos on guitars, to give an added depth to their sound and it shows on the album. “Breathe Grease” is the first song of the album and it is Thrash heavy from the first distorted riff. Although the vocals seem a little tired in this song, the generous use of backing vocals and a riff that is tailor made to headbang, salvages the song. “Dingy Situations” and “Shrednecks” follow a similar pattern in the way the riffs are arranged. Chaotic riffs in the beginning and by the time the song reaches its halfway mark, the band throws up riffs that is Thrashy and of the headbanging variety. For once the band actually has a song called “Bourbon Discipline” and is not beer related which makes me wonder if the boys are growing up. This song has a great Bay Area influenced riff in the beginning and the anger reminds me of Paul Baloff. “Slime and Punishment”, the title track, is another furious song that Tony Foresta literally spews out venomously. “Under the Waste Command” is a song just shy of the 2 minute mark and is an instrumental song. As with almost all their songs, this track is uncomplicated and has about 5 riffs and a couple of lead solos. The album is rounded off with “Death Proof” and “Think fast” and these songs follow the set pattern that the band is famous for plying.

While the band has thrown up an album that is worthy of its predecessors, I can’t help noticing the jaded lead vocals that seem a little tired and worn out. The songs in themselves are a raucous riot of blistering riffs and lightning fast lead solo guitar parts. The backing vocals the band employs are spot on and add an element of noisy fun to the tracks. The entire album clocks just under 29 minutes in runtime and most songs are around the 2 minute mark. Most of the lyrics fall somewhere between the start of the song and the midway mark and the band wastes absolutely no time at all. The band is heavily influenced by the Troma movies and the music they play is homage to the genre of B-grade graphic gore filled movies. The band has also stated that the addition of an extra member into the fold has also helped them perform better on stage and also add an extra dimension to their song writing. Having said that, the band has not really put out something that is a radical departure from their earlier efforts. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter because the same Punk edged aggression and Thrashy assault is ever present on their latest effort. So, open the can of beer and put on “Slime and Punishment” and prepare to headbang away without a care in the world!

Songwriting:               8
Originality:                  7
Memorability:              6
Production:                 7

4 Star Rating

1. Breathe Grease
2. Enjoy the Night
3. Dingy Situations
4. Poison the Preacher
5. Shrednecks
6. Bourbon Discipline
7. Parole Violators
8. Slime and Punishment
9. Amateur Sketch
10. Excessive Celebration
11. Low Tolerance
12. Under the Waste Command
13. Death Proof
14. Think Fast
Ryan Waste – Guitars, Vocals (Backing)
Tony Foresta – Vocals
Land Phil – Bass, Vocals (Backing)
Dave Witte – Drums
Nick Poulos – Guitars
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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