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Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive (CD)

Municipal Waste
Massive Aggressive
by Caterina Zoi at 14 August 2009, 5:57 PM

When I first listened to MUNICIPAL WASTE a couple of years ago, I was totally surprised!! I couldn't believe that Crossover/Thrash could still be played in the old way by a new band. So, I quickly became a fan of them.

This quartet was formed in 2001 in Virginia and they have performed in several huge festivals like 'Wacken Open Air' and 'Download'. Till now they have released 3 studio albums: Waste 'em All (2003), Hazardous Mutation (2005)  and The Art Of Partying (2007). And now Massive Aggressive comes as their fourth album.

This album consists of 13 tracks with the biggest one being 3 minutes long. But, this is a common characteristic of all MUNICIPAL WASTE albums. Short, fast and kick-ass songs, pretty close to the 80s Bay Area Thrash sound. They remind me of bands like ANTHRAX and TESTAMENT, but I believe that they can also attract newer fans of this music. Tracks like Wrong Answer and Wolves Of Chernobyl show that Massive Aggressive is full of energy just like all their previous albums.

Overall, I could say that it's a very good album but it can't be compared to their previous ones. If I met a new fan that would like to listen to them, I would firstly recommend Hazardous Mutation or The Art Of Partying. Of course, Massive Aggressive is a great album but I believe that the 2 albums I just mentioned can be more memorable than this. Well, generally these guys are a great band and I really can't wait to see them live…

3 Star Rating

Masked By Delirium
Divine Blasphemer
Massive Aggressive
Wolves Of Chernobyl
Relentless Threat
The Wrath Of The Severed Head
Upside Down Church
Shredded Offering
Media Skeptic
Horny For Blood
Wrong Answer
Acid Sentence
Tony Guardrail Foresta - Vocals
Ryan Waste - Guitar
Philip Landphil Hall - Bass, Vocals
Dave Witte - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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