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Munitions – Blackwind Award winner

by Ricardo Casagrande at 13 November 2022, 11:36 AM

MUNITIONS are putting their name on the list of Death metal bands coming out of Australia. This is their first release, recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dangertone Studios. Black Wind is their first release, a four-track EP and they will be sharing the stage early next year with the likes of PSYCROPTIC, WEREWOLVES and MISERY at Canberra Metal Fest.

The EP starts off with the explosive track “Black Wind”. The vocals are intense and reminds me of AT THE GATES in style and delivery of the lyrics. The drums control the rhythm with machine gun-like double kicks and allows the guitars to riff around as they please. The track is a Death metal machine with Thrash elements and has some very clear guitar work throughout as the production works seems to be very well done. “Latent Wind” features chunky guitars that fall in line with sonic high notes. There are endless killer riffs at every turn on this track and keeps you waiting for what is coming next. The band masterfully controls the tempo of the track and includes some technical work and a solo that fits in well.

“Machine Elves” is your more straightforward Death metal approach as the music becomes a brutal assault to the senses. The drums are hammering and the vocals have a more sinister growl at times as they complement the faded scream of Clint. The bass seems to be at the most audible on these last two songs and helps add more depth to the aggressive tendencies on the tracks. The final effort to the EP is the song “Trueman” and it sums up the band and their overall sound very well. The guitar work is once again very active and has a lot of varied riffs with creative points. For such a new band, the work on this release comes across as the work of a veteran group that has been playing together for years.

Though short, it is tough to imagine that this EP will not be able to turn some heads for these guys. The music is a fresh take on a flooded genre with a lot of it becoming more and more watered down. The guitars come across very clearly and are always working together to enhance the songs. Like I said, it seems like a band that has been making music together for many years and people will be looking forward to hearing more material from these guys for years to come.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Black Wind
2. Latent Image
3. Machine Elves
4. Trueman
Clint Williams – Vocals
Dave Collins – Guitars
Marcus Ritli – Guitars
Jared Roberts – Bass
Tim Wright – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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