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Mur - Athabasca Award winner

by Aaron Eerdekens at 23 May 2015, 10:02 AM

The Minnesota based solo project MUR has released its first full length album. It has become something special, in a lot of ways. The project was created by Cam Sather in 2013

First of all there are only three songs on this album, and the shortest one’s duration is eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds. Second of all, it’s about the ecological relationship between the Northern Grey Wolf and the American Bison. It’s also about hope and hate. Third of all, the music displays similarities with bands like AGALLOCH, BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL and BOTANIST, but you can also hear influences from non-Metal bands like FLEET FOXES, JOHN BUTLER TRIO and MOGWAI, which are also very dissimilar from each other. This makes the genre of the album’s music very hard to define.

What all three songs have in common is that they start off very easy and slow, with just a couple of ominous sounding bass and keyboard notes. Then the guitars come in and play some minimalistic sounding, well, you can’t really call them riffs. They’re more like creators of atmosphere. “Ungulate Flesh & Blood (Stirring In The Herd)” even starts with the sound of a babbling brook. You can here more sounds directly out of nature on the album, like birds singing their songs, in “Dragged Across The Forest God’s Teeth”, and the clattering of rain. At the end of every song they suddenly go heavier, the drums come in and the vocals start, which are in my opinion way to grunty and don’t really fit with this kind of music, and are the only bad thing on this album.

The ideal way to listen to this album is, I think, to lay on your back in a field of grass on a starry night, when you can forget about your sorrows and you can fully focus and the music and the sounds. It can be very minimalistic and slow, but it is never boring at all. A masterpiece of minimalism.

4 Star Rating

1. Athabasca (A Calf Is Culled)
2. Dragged Across The Forest God’s Teeth
3. Ungulate Flesh & Blood (Stirring In The Herd)
Cam Sather - All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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