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Murder Construct - Results

Murder Construct
by Dory Khawand at 06 August 2012, 10:07 PM

In an age where originality in the Metal scene has become somewhat rare, finding anything new and attention-grabbing from the ever-growing Metal archive has become a bit hard. But today, just today, I might be proven wrong.

Travis Ryan, frontman of Death / Grind giants CATTLE DECAPITATION, joined with EXHUMED members Leon Del Muerte, Danny Walker, and the rest to record MURDER CONSTRUCT’s debut album “Results”. With three of the most talented Metal musicians in the scene, this follow-up to the self-titled EP promised an enjoyable listen.

The two-minute opening track, “Red All Over”, is great at putting the listener in the mood for the album. Ten seconds in, Ryan growls like a beast, and the drums kick in over some very catchy riffs. The second track “Under the Weight of the Wood”, follows the same formula with Del Muerte’s assisted vocals making the song candy for the ears. The third nuke the album unleashes, “No Question, No Comment”, is a favorite from the album. Guitarists Fetus and Del Muerte did a great job on this track, displaying great complexity with their riffs, and the other elements in the song are perfectly in harmony.

Throughout the rest of the album, the tracks conform to the same formula and sound, but there is variety in both the vocals and the riffs. Compare “Feign Ignorance” and “Mercy, Mercy”, for instance. Each of the two tracks is different in terms of vocal delivery, and the Death / Grind onslaught never stops coming, not for single moment. The album closes with “Resultados”, the longest track and among the best in this album. It’s calmer than the others, with its first half being less aggressive Death / Grind and the other being 3 minutes of total calmness.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable listen, and has a very high repeat value. It may not be the groundbreaking album of the year, but it’s nothing compared to the effort put on the new CATTLE DECAPITATION album. However, it’s still something that fans of CATTLE DECAPITATION, EXHUMED, and WORMROT should never miss.

3 Star Rating

1. Red All Over
2. Under the Weight of the Wood
3. No Question, No Comment
4. Gold Digger
5. Compelled by Mediocrity
6. The Next Life
7. Dead Hope
8. Feign Ignorance
9. Mercy, Mercy
10. Malicious Guilt
11. Resultados
Travis Ryan – Vocals
Leon del Muerte – Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Fetus – Guitar
Caleb Schneider– Bass
Danny Walker– Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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