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Murder Squad - Insane, Unsane And Mentaly Deranged (CD)

Murder Squad
Insane, Unsane And Mentaly Deranged
by Makis Kirkos at 05 June 2001, 3:10 PM

What the hell is going on with Death Metal nowadays?? I mean every single, old band is trying to copy older bands or something like that. How about Autopsy? They where a great band in the Death/Gore scene weren't they?

It seems that 2 members from Dismember and 2 from Entombed decided that a tribute to great bands such as Asphyx and Autopsy should be made and they recorded one perfect copy of bands like these. The sound is greatly rotten and the feeling is the same, Pure sickness from the tomb. Zombies, mutilations, strangulations, implements and deranged murderers are once again in the charts of these sick bastards. It is not about speed nor technical shit. It is about rotting! Yes, rotting! The sound is pretty much like Entombed and Dismember but that is a small matter compared to the record that will be out soon. Just get ready to rumble because sickness and perversion are tag-teaming in this album.

I had a long time to enjoy an album so much, although it is not the first of it's kind, you get the creeps listening to it, it will bring in your mind the green gas rising slowly from the open tomb. The rotten days are back; and with them came the messengers. Murder Squad simply recorded the deranged album of the year, all you have to do is buy it, and let them do the rest…


4 Star Rating

Slowly Burnt To Death
Twisted High
The Return Of The Rotten
Unsane, Insane And Mentaly Deranged
The Probing
Spraying Led
Sent Home In A Box
Sacrificial Strangulation, Beating And Rape
Horror Eternal
Rickard Cabeza (Dismember)
Matti Karki (Dismember)
Uffe Cederlund (Entombed)
Peter Stjarnwind (Entombed)
Record Label: Pavement Music


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