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Murder Squad - Ravenous Murderous (CD)

Murder Squad
Ravenous Murderous
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 02 June 2004, 6:24 PM

Autopsy was, amongst others, one of the most influential bands that ever appeared in the death metal ground. Their monolithic, twisted, gloomy sound was the band's trademark and an element that separated them from the rest but at the same time gave the band wide recognition.
Those who have heard the band's debut Unsane, insane and mentally deranged will sure apprehend the intro of this review, as Murder Squad is rather a tribute band to Autopsy than a regular one. Don't misunderstand me, they have their own original songs and ideas, but the goal here is to build up a band with a sound similar to the insuperable deathsters' one.
The project was started by members of 2 well-known death metal bands, Entombed (Uffe Cederlund/guitars, Peter Stjδrnvind/drums) and Dismember (Matti Karki/vocals, Rickard Cabeza/bass). The forenamed people, leaded by their admiration to Autopsy's works, and not by marketing needs, baptized their creation, Murder Squad, with the hope that it would cover partly the great blank left by Chris Reifert and co.
Though it's needless to say, the content of this release is categorized as primal, old-fashioned death metal with a bit of punk/rock 'n' roll aesthetic. Except of the inevitable resemblance to Autopsy, the material will remind you of Death's first 2 releases, Obituary and at times Entombed because of Cederlund's characteristic guitar sound.
Forget about modern sound and blazing production! Forget about new-fashioned, eye-catching artwork and supposedly intellectual music. If you re looking for stuff like these, you 'd better skip this review and search for something more suitable to your tastes.
What Murder Squad promises you is 1000% pure, well-made old school death metal. The 4 ''brutes'', navigated by their musical passion, have created an album full of energy and feeling that will remind us the past,the good old days. What's more honest and praiseworthy than that?

PS: The artwork is simply sick, I LOVE IT: -)

4 Star Rating

Ravenous, Murderous
I Am Eternal
Epidermal Massacre
Disturbing The Freaks
Hellish Blasphemy
Born In Sewage, Bred In Bile
Army Of Maggots
Masterpiece In Morbidity
Rising From The Ashes
Matti Karki - Vocals
Uffe Cederlund - Guitars
Rickard Cabeza - Bass
Peter Stjδrnvind - Drums
Record Label: Threeman Recordings


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