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Murderworker – When The Scum Becomes Dinner

When The Scum Becomes Dinner
by Thomas Kumke at 06 March 2022, 8:32 PM

MURDERWORKER hailing from Seville, Spain were formed in 2017. The traditional Death Metal band released so far two splits, one EP, and “When The Scum Becomes Dinner” is the second full-length album. It has a length of almost 39 minutes and the album was released via Spanish label Base Records which is specialized in Death Metal, Grindcore, and Black Metal.

I am not quite sure whether the second offering of MURDERWORKER is a Death Metal album or an audio cookbook. Given the song titles, it looks like the latter one. In fact, the album is a concept around a fictional character called Jeffrery Killmer who reviews his recipes. Well, it all might sound a bit weird, but given the average Death Metal and Grindcore lyrics, it might not be the worst idea and perhaps the nun blood or the priest stomach does not taste too bad after all.

When The Scum Becomes Dinner” offers 10 recipes and the first one is “Grandma’s Culinary Secrets”. It starts with a cinematic intro, which sounds a bit like a torture before a classical Death Metal assault starts with the typical riffing of the down-tuned guitars at mid-tempo accompanied by deep growling vocals. The sound and rhythm is comparable of that what Swedish Death Metal has to offer since decades. “Grandma’s Culinary Secrets” has been released as official lyric video and the YouTube link is given below.

Skewer Of Kidneys And Marinated Eyes” is faster and more aggressive compared to the opener and the lead guitar solo during the mid-tempo break contributes very well to the track. The sound reminds me on ENTOMBED for good reasons. “Liver With Sesame And Custard Cream” maintains the fast rhythm and it comes with a bit more technicality of the guitars and with more diversity of the vocals as there are a few higher pitched screams are added to the mix.

Banker’s Cancerous Lung Pie” is slower, and the sound is spine-chilling. The melodies of the lead guitars are doom-laden and the drumming is driven by the double-bass. Highlight of the track is the short but contributing lead guitar solo. “Nun Blood Jelly With Brain Sorbet” is faster than mid-tempo and again with lots of Swedish Death Metal vibes. The track has more complex textures with a lot of changes in rhythm. “Surprise Eggs (Stuffed With Chopped Ear)” delivers a welcomed change in sound with a bit more grooves and the lead guitars dominating the track with doomy melodies at mid-tempo. “Priest Stomach Stew With Potatoes” is back at its hammering best with the relentless double-bass drumming driving the song at mid-tempo.

Crispy Lawyer’s Heart” is the fastest song on the album, the guitar riffing is direct and in the best Swedish Death Metal tradition. The mid-tempo break adds a bit more vocal variations with higher pitched growls. “Pedophile’s Testicles With Barbecued Mushrooms” is also played at high pace during the verse section while the chorus sections switch to mid-tempo. The guitar riffing is tight and has all the classical Death Metal ingredients. The final recipe is “Mommy Style Smoked Spleen” and it is a four minutes pummeling with repeated blast-beat attacks driving the song. A good way to close the album.

When The Scum Becomes Dinner” is a traditional Death Metal album. MURDERWORKER do not re-invent the wheel, they stick to the classical attributes that made Death Metal so popular 30 years ago. The sound of the album is inspired by the Swedish Death Metal school. The lyrical contents might be a bit controversial but is surely within the frame of typical Death Metal or Grindcore lyrics. Given that, the idea of a concept album about weird recipes is not a bad one. The album production is raw and fits to the sound. Fans of European Death Metal will surely dig the album and will look forward to seeing MURDERWORKER live somewhere on the road.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

3 Star Rating

1. Grandma’s Culinary Secrets
2. Skewer Of Kidneys And Marinated Eyes
3. Liver With Sesame And Custard Cream
4. Banker’s Cancerous Lung Pie
5. Nun Blood Jelly With Brain Sorbet
6. Surprise Eggs (Stuffed With Chopped Ear)
7. Priest Stomach Stew With Potatoes
8. Crispy Lawyer’s Heart
9. Pedophile’s Testicles With Barbecued Mushrooms
10. Mommy Style Smoked Spleen
Negro – Vocals, Bass
Rubio – Guitars
Jose ­ Guitars
Jesus – Drums
Record Label: Base Record Production


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