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Murdryck - Antologi MMXV

Antologi MMXV
by Garrett Davis at 05 October 2016, 4:44 PM

MURDRYCK are a Swedish Black Metal band. MURDRYCK got their start in 1999 as a "Blackened Dark Ambient" project but as of 2014 they have become a semi-melodic, atmospheric, rapid-paced Black Metal band. This LP, entitled "Antologi MMXV", was released back in January of 2016.

The opening track starts off with melodic operatic vocals and acoustic bass, ending with a deep, thudding heartbeat. This is one the time where a short instrumental track is totally OK in my books, for it serves well as the opening track and excellently sets the gothic theme.

There are Melodic elements throughout (like the aforementioned bass) and at the end of "The Ascension" there is some more acoustic work from what might be a lute or harp. It is an airy-sounding string instrument that comes at the end of a brutal thrashing track that would have seemed out of place if it weren't for the other sounds in the background of the song to tie those bits into the whole. "Swallowed by the Ages" comes across on a grander scale, with more solos and distortion, bringing a lot of tension and making everything seem even more grandiose than it is.

"Slaves Under a Dying Sun" has a metallic rustling sound at the start of it that blends in with the hi-hat, bringing to mind slave chains rattling along the ground. The last track has a great melodic flow to it, which, rather than adding any softness to the song, contributes an undeniable rhythm that the song would have otherwise been missing.

All in all, this was a pretty cool offering. So if you find yourself craving some pitch-Black Metal with a melodic undercurrent and a grim atmosphere, look no further than MURDRYCK. Digital copies of this album are available through BANDCAMP, but if you find yourself wanting a physical copy - although those tend to sell out pretty quickly - they can still be purchased at

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

  1. Intro - The Sombre Angel
  2. As the Moon Bleeds
  3. The Ascension
  4. Swallowed by the Angels
  5. Slaves Under a Dying Sun
  6. Metamorphosis
  7. Blood on the King's Hands
  8. Hymnens Svarta Toner
  9. Under Torn Constellations
  10. Throne of Shattered Divinity
Skarseld– Bass, Guitars
Likfard – Drums
Galar- Bass
Gast - Vocals
Record Label: Black Lion Records


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