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Mustasch - A Final Warning - Chapter One

A Final Warning - Chapter One
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 May 2021, 8:09 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MUSTASCH; signed via Tritonus Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, on their 11th EP entitled: "A Final Warning - Chapter One'' (released April 16th, 2021). Since formation in 1998; the quartet in question have an incredibly lengthy discography from 1 Demo, 1 Split, 2 EPs, 25 Singles, 3 Compilations, 1 Video & 11 full-length albums in their vast collection so far. I am introduced to their 11th Studio Album entitled: "A Final Warning - Chapter One ''; 6 tracks ranging at around 20:38, MUSTASCH arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Hard Rock/Heavy Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with a groovy but catchy rift within the titular track, this scratchy riff revolved with this harmonic hymn and boisterously bouncy adrenaline amplifies with shredding rips from guitar twinning maelstrom Ralf Gyllenhammar (on rhythm) (who also constructs high-pitched pipes on the vocals) & David Johannesson (on lead) both element a gravitational hook in gripping dexterity. Choppy crunchiness excels with rapidly swift nimbleness, quintessential virtuosity & trailblazing rhythms that revel with potently vibrant substance that marvels with organically weighty zeal which thunders with profusely robust remedy. While this meticulous manifestation on skyrocketing yet sulfurous synergies rumble with tight thuds, while merging reverberating sturdiness with hybrid experimentation and concretely gritty grinds which rattle my skull while tapping my feet enjoyably.

"Contagious" infects an infectiously venomous thump on rompy rampancy from audible bassist Mats Stam Johansson, while wildly rushing sharpness oscillates with venomous pulsations while bruising but frantic belters exhilarate in clobbering conundrums and stompy yet volatile pursuits. Where jumpy punchiness lacerates killer momentum on uniquely versatile vehemence & creatively dynamic crescendos upheave with outbursting stability. Towering with chugging frolics, galloping grovels and stampeding piledrives from hammering drummer - Robban Bäck. Rambunctious slams pound with trembling quakes - especially in the next track: "Albert Einstein". The vocals unleash these throaty yells while surging with shouty persistence where crushing chisels fuel a fluidly immersive distinction in distinguished craftsmanship ability, attributing an inventively raw songwriting process on progressively technical ramifications that will slay your soul with spellbinding verve.

"You Are Killing Me" forges euphonic but mellifluous panache where outrè perseverance distils a radically wicked transparency, as an adroit aesthetic in traditional yet motoring relentlessness bulldoze into a punky snare as dancy mechanics marvel with meaty finesse. Advancing towards the penultimate track: "Searching for Long Range Communication" which slows down epicly as appealing vocals soar with rowdy & uproarious melody until more vivacious swerve kicks in - alt rock revs with sonically seamless hardiness with hefty chops and crunchy jazz until the overall concluding finisher "To Be Continued" is a short pianist finale as more of those quirky cords excel with elegantly exquisite zest to close the record in a most remarkably splendid fashion.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MUSTASCH certainly outdone themselves with this one, "A Final Warning - Chapter One '' was most surely worthwhile of replaying a few handful of times which should give an entertaining spin where newcomers and fans alike would enjoy a brilliant discovery for sure. An adventurous but enthusiastic offering of some modern rock expertise which should surely be checked out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. A Final Warning
2. Contagious
3. Albert Einstein
4. You Are Killing Me
5. Searching for Long Range Communication
6. To Be Continued
Mats Stam Johansson - Bass
Ralf Gyllenhammar - Guitars (Rhythm)/Vocals
David Johannesson - Guitars (Lead)
Robban Bäck - Drums
Record Label: Tritonus Records


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