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Mustasch - Killing it for Life

Killing it for Life
by Stephen Bowers at 21 January 2020, 9:12 PM

Don’t be put off by their ridiculous moniker – MUSTASCH take their name from the very simple fact that many of their heroes in Rock came equipped with moustaches, from Tony Iommi to Freddie Mercury. On this, their tenth album, they continue to pay homage to the artists who inspired them both sonically and literally – there’s even a song called "Freddie Mercury" here, an epic and weepy Rock tribute to perhaps the greatest frontman the Rock world has ever seen… "You were not allowed to spread your wings… You’re the reason I began to sing!"

"Where Angels Fear to Tread" opens the album with a slow, fist-pumping riff before Ralf Gyllenhammer’s razor-sharp vocals get down to business. It isn’t all high-energy, balls-out Rock – there are slower numbers here like "Before A Grave" with its tender acoustic intro, and powerful single "What Is Wrong" provides a poignant look at mental illness among young men. It is on one of their most brutal songs that they really shine however, with "Go To Hell" and "Garlic And Shots" being full of bile and rage. "I feel like going back to bed!" roars Gyllenhammer. Not likely listening to music with this ferocity.

Now into their third decade, MUSTASCH show no signs of slowing down. The album art depicts a skull with a bullet-mohawk and brings to mind the cover for THE EXPLOITED's "Beat the Bastards," and while the two bands have little in common musically, MUSTASCH’s approach better typifies the Punk ethos of integrity and sticking to your guns than many exponents of that scene. While not ground-breaking in originality, this one is a thoroughly enjoyable, big-sounding Rock album with dead-on drumming, thumping bass and great guitar work.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.  Where Angels Fear To Tread
2.  Ransacker
3.  Before A Grave
4.  Freddie Mercury
5.  Go To Hell
6.  Blood In Blood Out
7.  What Is Wrong
8.  Garlic And Shots
Ralf Gyllenhammar:  Vocals and Rhythm Guitars
David Johanesson:   Lead Guitar
Stan Johansson:  Bass Guitar
Robban Back:  Drums
Record Label: Tritonus Records


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