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Mutala - Cloning Wicked Minds (CD)

Cloning Wicked Minds
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 May 2008, 4:41 AM

What the fuck is Mutala? The only thing I found about this name is that it is a fast growing part of the city of Ylojarvi situated in Pirkanmaa, Finland (thanks a lot Wikipedia). Now to tell you the truth, I have no idea what these guys have to do with Finland, since they are my neighbors, which means Italians. I guess it hasn't got anything to do with Finland, it probably means something different. Anyway…

This is the first time I hear about both MUTALA and the label Sweet Poison Records. Italy has many underground Metal bands so it is really hard to be up to date with anything that's happening there. I can't even know everything about the Greek underground scene, how should I know an other country's? So, the band was formed in 1999 and is probably coming back from a long break, since its debut album was released in 2001 and Cloning Wicked Minds is their sophomore effort.

I hope that the wait was worth it for the fans of this band, since they were waiting for so many years for a new release. After its resurrection, MUTALA signed a new contract with the Italian label Sweet Poison Records, since they left their previous label Nocturnal Music. To tell you the truth, the totally amateur logo and the not so good artwork prepared me for a nothing more than mediocre (not to say shitty) release.

The Italian sickos really managed to hit me out of nowhere with their really nice melodic Death Metal and their technical assault. Even the sound quality is better than I expected! MUTALA definitely prove that they have the talent and the necessary amount of brutality to make something big. Leon's vocals are coming straight from hell, while Kohl's guitar work will definitely smash your head into thousands of little pieces. Oh, don't expect me to comment the rhythm section. Febe and Femto don't need any comments by me. Listen to these guys and I guarantee that you will be surprised you could find such good musicians in an unknown underground Death Metal band.

The band has only two problems in my humble opinion. There are some breaks that come out of nowhere and spoil the song's structure. I just believe they should work more on their breaks and be more careful about when and why they use them. One more thing that I didn't like was that the band worked a lot on its sound, presenting a clean and solid production, but there are times that the drums… well, they could sound better. Overall, it is a really good album with clever and fresh ideas by a band that is striving to make its name known to the Metal scene. Check them out mates. Oh, and by the way, you have to listen to their instrumental track. Clean guitar melodies that will travel you to a place you haven't been before. It is like an oasis inside a nuclear holocaust. Honestly one of the most beautiful instrumental songs I have ever heard from a Metal band, especially a Death Metal one!

3 Star Rating

Small Corpses' Unit
Flavor Of The Dead
It Bleeds By Turning
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In My Temple (Instrumental)
Useless Heart-Searching
Dasein Ohne Leben
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Cloning Wicked Minds
My End (Outro)
Leon - Vocals
Kohl - Guitar
Febe - Bass
Femto - Drums
Record Label: Sweet Poison Records


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