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Mutanter - The Limit Award winner

The Limit
by Kayla Hutton at 22 April 2018, 1:04 PM

Formed by guitarist Arthur in 1991 this death metal band from Ukraine took shape under the name LIMITED MUTANTER. Releasing their debut album "Infinite Existence" in 1992  followed by 1993's "Feel Yourself Mortal." The band went on hiatus in 1996, and after ten years most would consider a band done. However, after 14 years of silence the band resurfaced and a few years later released the DVD "Live in Zhara."  In 2017 the band did a slight name change, now known as MUTANTER and have comprised a new album, "The Limit", available 06.22.2018 via Kernkraftritter Records. "The Limit" features songs written from 1996 to 2016. Once the albums first track, "Ode for Janus" begins, I was almost thankful I didn't hear of them back in the 90's. The hiatus would have been a great disappointment.

But then I wonder, how did they not catch on? Within the first 30 seconds of the track starting, there is a countless number of great things occurring. One. Proper use of a china cymbal (if you have ever read any of my other reviews, this is one of those "grind my gears" kinds of things.) Two. Holy vocals. Brutal. Enunciated lyrics at times. Three. The amazing drum sound. Four. The artificial harmonic guitar trick. Again, that is my reaction and I was only 30 seconds in. These guys from Kharkiv Ukraine are fierce. "Aborted Life" comes in striking blows faster than a prizefighter, not pussy blows either. These are strong deliberate jabs of precision. "Aborted Life" is available as a public lyric video and the only album's track to be heard at the moment. It is a well-rounded representation of what the album is full of.

"All scars, all hurts, and dark desires are growing unspeakable, crushed bones, underfoot, but there is a satisfied smile on the face" - "Aborted Life" Yes, you can tell there is a little language barrier in his English, but honestly, we all have common sense and know what he means, similar to the old Sepultura days, it adds to feel of the album. "Final Resurrection" starts up like a rumbling fine-tuned Harley Davidson. As it transitions into a very, how do I say this, more of a rock beat? If anyone remembers "MEATHOOK SEED" there are similarities to "Famine Sectors" opening riff. It's still heavy, it just occurs when a drummer opens up on the hi-hat and keeps a solid 4/4 rock beat. Of course, it is short lived and dives back into the bloodbath of death metal rhythm with drum accents that could create a new position in a band. Lead drummer.

To finish this up that really is the biggest attention grabber. The drums. The great sound of the kit, the excellent way it's mixed, and his skill set. The guitar tricks are always music to my ears but do get a little repetitive as the same sound is used on a few of the album's tracks. The guitar sound overall has a little bite out of Trevor Peres's (OBITUARY) sound. The vocals being somewhat easy to decipher at times is also one of MUTANTERs better features. "The Limit" is a look into the band's history, and time spent out of the public's eye, and while it's history can be traced back to the 90's, it's only in technique and even then, they would've seemed ahead of their time.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Ode for Janus
2. Dead End
3. Aborted Life
4. The End of Time
5. Originally Rots
6. Wisdom Fall
7. Brainless God
8. Worthless
9. Perception of Reality
10. Final Resurrection
Andrly - Vocals
Arthur - Guitar
Vital - Bass
Dmytro - Drums
Record Label: Kernkraftritter Records


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