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Mutha Trucka - Stoned Goddess

Mutha Trucka
Stoned Goddess
by Chris Hicklin at 28 February 2022, 4:01 PM

Although the core lineup of MUTHA TRUCKA have been performing together for some years, they have only existed under this moniker since early 2021. Forming early in that year they had written and recorded their first album by July 2021, and now here they are already with their sophomore album “Stoned Goddess”. I’ve said before that while a fan of a few bands that exemplify the best of the genre, bands that self-describe as Stoner or Desert Rock give me pause. I find that too often this is an excuse for lazy writing, and here we have a prime example. Putting it as tactfully as I can, Josh Homme could have excreted this album in his sleep.

Realistically a track-by-track breakdown of this album would be a waste of both your time and mine, there is not enough diversity or variety on show here, every track is much of a muchness. The instruments are recorded in a uniform manner throughout, discordant guitars and bass are drenched in cut-price fuzz, the riffs are simplistic and undemanding. I can’t speak completely to the standard of musicianship as it is rare that anybody plays a part that requires any exceptional skill, there’s no egregious examples of poor playing, but none that demonstrate any notable ability. For the most part the vocals are horrendous, forming a dual lead the two “singers” are brothers Eric and Dana Ervin who, despite being apparently Americans, actually sound like two English blokes having an argument at the pub. On the rare occasion anybody attempts to hit a musical note, they fail. This might be a stylistic decision, if it is, it is a horrible one.

The writing is utterly tedious, the only real way to distinguish one song from another is by the name, such is the monotony of the composition. The few brief highlights occur during a handful of downbeat instrumental tracks and interludes, although such is the relief of not hearing anybody attempt to sing, that this may colour my overall perception of the remaining music.

In a scarce note of positivity, I can happily report that the drummer Ted Sciaky is at the very least competent, again there isn’t a huge amount to stretch him but what skills are on display are decent, the drums have also been quite proficiently recorded for what seems like a pretty low budget project.

Ultimately, this album is deeply unsatisfying, it is both exhausting and repetitive to listen to, while being relentlessly sludgy, shouty and downbeat it lacks any emotional punch to justify itself. This band would pass an hour at the pub, and if they roll through town, you might consider an evening out, if it is free. I am afraid I cannot say anything more encouraging than that.

Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 3
Memorability: 1
Production: 2


1 Star Rating

1. Get Gone
2. Stoned Goddess
3. Demon Woman
4. Fallen Angel
5. Wicked Self
6. Wil-O'-the-Wisp
7. Dance for Me
8. Cold Eyes
9. King of My Cage
10. Thrasha
11. Guillotine for the Queen
Eric Ervin - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Dana "Erv" Ervin - Lead Vocals & Bass
Ted Sciaky - Drums & Back Up Vocal
Record Label: Independent


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