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Mutilated By Zombies - Scripts of Anguish Award winner

Mutilated By Zombies
Scripts of Anguish
by Kyle Scott at 01 October 2018, 2:37 PM

MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES assembles into a vicious corpse-grinding, war machine and rumbles forth, ready to devour you and anyone else unwise enough to get in its way. Drum notes machine punch dozens of pin prick holes through Jason Guler's gurgling lyrics as bass notes glide through the dark, hardly noticed. This Iowan trio knows how to make Death Metal.  For their third release, they harvested the rotten fruits of their labor from the most inhospitable, toxic garden they could farm. Scripts of Anguish's tale of death and sorrow is almost theatrical in its delivery; a play with the world's most violent orchestra pit.

"Decayed Manifestation" is the first eldritch beast of a song to stir from hibernation after untold millennia, and it kills in its entrance. A monstrous start to the album and what is to come. The punishment the beast reigns down next in "Irreversible Torment" is sudden, brutal, and ultimately quick as it ends just when you think it will last forever. MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES do not fool around in their delivery. They ensure ear-dissolving riffs get packed into every corner of their songs.

Josh DeMuth and Jason Guler's tag teaming vocals are at once possessed and foreboding. The chaos MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES performs in "Binge and Purge" is staggered and heavy, much like an actual zombie with a voice to match the terror. Their bigger single "Instructions for Death" is a deadly march into a hurricane and comes out drenched in blood. "Crippling Despair" adds a symphonic flair to their intro, a song about the endless hell of depression. The final track "Rise to Enslave" closes the album on a violent note and a rattling death growl. MUTILATED BY ZOMBIES drags the listener from violent wells of anger to isolating pits of sadness; such is anguish.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 10
Overall: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Decayed Manifestation
2. Irreversible Torment
3. Dismissed
4. Binge and Purge
5. Instructions for Death
6. Crippling Despair
7. Gored
8. Insanity's Grasp
9. Sentry of Sleep
10. Rise to Enslave
Jason Guler-Bass, Backing Vocals
Josh DeMuth-Guitars, Lead Vocals
Greg Mueller-Drums
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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