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Mutilatred – Ingested Filth

Ingested Filth
by James Brizuela at 24 September 2019, 6:31 AM

MUTILATRED, a brutal death metal band from the heartland of Ohio, come forth with their new EP “Ingested Filth”. I could not for the life of me find out when this band formed, but judging by their sound, they were born from hell in 2014 when they released their demo. “Ingested Filth” is their follow-up EP to their first full-length album “Dissecting Your Future”. I love some Brutal Death Metal, and MUTILATRED has it in spades. If you are any kind of a fan of SUFFOCATION or MORBID ANGEL, you will love MUTILATRED the same. They don’t mince words with their playstyle or their track names for that matter.

The EP is kicked off by the subtly named track, “Fuck Everything”. That is certainly how I felt as I was being pummeled by the brutality of the track. The vile scream leads right into an absolute punishing mixture of sludgy guitar riffs, brutal blast beats, and deep gutter growls. The thing that I appreciate more than anything about the sound on this EP is the clarity. A lot more times than not when there is brutal death metal the instrumentation drowns out the vocals or vise versa. But make no mistake about the sound of MUTLIATRED, they bring the absolute chaos. The interesting thing is that not every track, though short in length, has that nonstop death metal fierceness. “Snap Your Own Neck” slows the tempo down a bit and gives a chance to hear the more melodic side of the music. “Ingested Filth” brings the same kind of style. The track is completely brutal but has a slower tempo that offers a different side to pay attention to. There is this sort of groove aspect to the song that I like. What I can really appreciate about MUTLIATRED is that they do not completely rely on unrelenting blast beats and fast guitar riffing. They mix things up and bring some bits of groove to their music and slow things down to offer up a differing style of death metal. It does not always have to be brutal from start to finish. You can slow things down and showcase some musical chops, exactly what they did in “Tortured”. The track is equal parts brutal and melodic. What is fascinating is that they are accomplishing this well-rounded sound with tracks that don’t even pass the three-minute mark. “Scooping Out the Brains” caps off the EP in brutal fashion, but again MUTILATRED offer up a more groove and old school thrash metal sound. You could go so far as to say there is a doom-like element to the track as well.

Ingested Filth” is a completely brutal EP. But there are other musical elements laden with that keeps Mutilatred from sounding like a completely one-dimensional death metal act. I am looking forward to hearing how they evolve their sound more in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fuck Everything
2. Snap Your Own Neck
3. Ingested Filth
4. Sifting Through Needles
5. Tortured
6. Scooping Out the Brains
Eli Fakes – Bass
Clay Lowe – Drums
Patrick Meyers – Guitar
Patrick McDonagh – Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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