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Muvitium - Evighetens Cirkel

Evighetens Cirkel
by Craig Rider at 22 February 2020, 4:05 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proid to present to you: MUVITIUM; signed via Purity Through Fire Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Black Metal, on the 3rd album entitled: "Evighetens Cirkel" (released January 31st, 2020).

The soloist in question has only this here debut album in his discography so far entitled: "Evighetens Cirkel"; 6 tracks ranging at around 42:54, MUVITIUM arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black Metal developments. "Evig vandring till gamla riken" begins the record; demonstrating an eerily daunting introduction of melancholic rituals until gnarly crunchiness fuelled into a blistering barrage of haunting adrenaline, amplified distortion & concretely gritty instrumentation. Distributing a borderline foundation of flamboyantly fabricated atmosphere, ambient harmonies and an adroit attribute of uniquely vehement versatilities. Embarking into a desolate forebode of ominous outrè's of panache, potent vibrancy & quirky snappiness… this project embellishes on experimental finesse, amalgamated into a feeling of gloomy doom.

Consisting of Swartadauþuz who performs on everything; the frontman excels with a creatively dextrous dynamic of high-pitched lungs that scream with monstrously meaty yells, throaty snarls & raspy savagery. "De viskande vindarna" implements groovy guitar fretwork that rip with shredding soars, thunderous solidities and a meticulous manifestation of rapidly swift nimbless that showcase striking pursuits of quintessential virtuosities while revolved around a healthy dose of diligently detailed executions…elementing organic substance & riveting rhythms. Droning a frantic grind of chaotic aesthetics; culminating profusely robust melodies, while manifesting meticulous tight weightiness & other worldly yet jarring momentum. Supplying rawly rough synergy, thick jumpiness & punchy perseverence.

"Vid mörkrets fäste" immersively constructs intense chugs, frolicking gallops & infectiously audible bass aesthetics - injecting trailblazing yet razor-sharp stability. Merging sombre vibes with wild rushing mayhem, sulphurical soundscapes of awe-inspired synthetics…keeping one in a state of sorrowful presence. Transpiring omnipresent technicalities, while wondering with alluring choir-esquire keyboard inputs…overarched with thumping outbursts of rambunctious drum hammering flowing into a consistently hybrid dimension of progressive remedies that persists with steely precision and an inventive contrast of frigid but elegantly exquisite songwritting musicianship. "Under en iskall natt" majestically materializes mandatory patterns of silver lining lacerations, killer but euphonic cacaphonics entreched with mellifluous yet prodegious ramifications…slabbed with polished sound production proficiencies to boot.

"I nattsvart dunkel" articulates in a 10:08 aura of original potential; slithered with ruthless pandemonium, overarched into a chunky climate change of tenor & rumbling vibrations…shrouded with monolithic tribulations of subsided depression. Featuring hints of tremelo picking; prestigious themes, and an ancient but blasphemously dark grandure in which revels with unprecedented imagination. Overall concluding "Evighetens Cirkel" with the mostly ambidextrous environment of "Nordisk frostnatt; I am compelled to say that MUVITIUM certainly explored an enriching maelstrom of salubriously fulfilling enlightenments of strong triumphs that this solo artist has endured. It is a Black Metal must, and definitely a discovery full of refreshing experiences. Check it out! A great listen indeed.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7


4 Star Rating

1. Evig vandring till gamla riken
2. De viskande vindarna
3. Vid mörkrets fäste
4. Under en iskall natt
5. I nattsvart dunkel
6. Nordisk frostnatt
Swartadauþuz - Everything
Record Label: Purity Through Fire Records


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