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MX - A Circus Called Brazil Award winner

A Circus Called Brazil
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 21 July 2018, 8:22 AM

The Brazilian Metal scene arose and became great in the second half of the 80’s. The driving force for it was the first edition of Rock in Rio festival, because the number of shows increased a lot, new fans came, and the bands here started to work in a similar way from those we knew back then. One promising and really great band here is MX, from Santo André (São Paulo), who released some excellent albums as “Simoniacal” and “Mental Slavery”. They came back on 2012, and finally, they release an album with new songs, called “A Circus Called Brazil”. They are a Thrash Metal band that influences from bands of the Old School Thrash Metal from Germany, USA and other countries, along with some traditional Heavy Metal melodies and Hardcore energy. But they are doing something that remind us of their early albums (named above), but with the knowledge that experience gave them. So, be prepared, because they’ll make you shake your heads to the point of making your necks ache!

You hear on “A Circus Called Brazil” a sound that’s dry and blunt. Yes, it’s done in a way not extremely refined, because MX’s work needs a clean quality with the due crude and filthy aggressiveness dose. They got it, because you can understand everything that’s played, but be sure that the songs are abusively aggressive. On the cover, the ironic side of the band is exposed: military power, religion and politicians are the owners of the circus, where the people are the clowns. Even having deep roots in the 80’s, MX uses a modern focus for their songs, the reason for this life we can feel on them. “Fleeing Terror” with its excellent energy and nasty guitars, “Murders” (that shows a fine set of contrasts of slow parts with some faster ones), the slower and bitter “Mission”, heavy blow in our ears called “Lucky” (a massive assault of guitar riffs and insane backing vocals that Will unleash moshpits), the technical and oppressive “Cure and Disease”, the revision of Old School teachings heard on “Keep Yourself Alive” (with tempos remind a lot what they did on “Metal Slavery”, and a fine work from bass guitar and drums can be heard), and the massive weight that flows from “A Circus Called Brazil” are the album’s greatest songs.

“A Circus Called Brazil” comes to speak about the nasty reality the country is living, and the music of it is really excellent!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Fleeing Terror
2. Murders
3. Mission
4. Lucky
5. Cure and Disease
6. Toy Soldier
7. Keep Yourself Alive
8. Marching Over Lies
9. Apocalypse Watch
10. A Circus Called Brazil
Alexandre da Cunha - Drums, Vocals
Décio Frignani - Guitars
Alexandre “Dumbo” - Guitars
“Morto”- Bass, guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Shinigami Records


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