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My Black Light - Human Maze

My Black Light
Human Maze
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 March 2012, 7:24 PM

Since I came to know Gothic Metal it has always been a sort of a love / hate relationship from end. My main cause for admiration of the genre came from PARADISE LOST, TYPE O NEGATIVE and the first two albums of WITHIN TEMPTATION, which also aided me to enjoy the mixture of this subgenre along with extreme Metal. Nonetheless, and aside from the bands that I mentioned, seldom there are bands that truly inspire me that Gothic Metal is their focus. Sadly, the debut album of the Italian MY BLACK LIGHT strengthens my assumption that their debut album, "Human Maze", via Massacre Records, is going to be just another one.

Through "Human Maze" I noticed that the band had something towards Euro Power Metal as even their Gothic like features weren't as pure as I thought at my first listen. The mixing of Power Metal into their music aided them to become more fluent, a bit commercialized, yet not for the negative, and somewhat melodic, especially when the keyboards joined in to create a harmonized environment that left a fine mark on the music of several songs. "A Lie For Eternity", simplistic as it may be, is a sweet semi ballad forged by an emotive sense. "Inner World" and "Guiding Light" were more of the same with catchy and flowing Power Metal running fast through their structures. I would also certainly check out the cover for "Unbreak My Heart" as its arrangement made it to sound a little bit stronger than the original.

Furthermore, the addition of growls sung by the keyboardist, Rudy, helped divert the attention from Monica's lead singing that sometimes didn't make me feel anything. Though I sensed the passion in her voice, it felt too frosty to me and I sensed that I needed a bit more to get excited. On the other hand, I think that for a Gothic Metal vocalist, she has a voice of an angel, yet it sounds just like any other female angel out there that attempts to combine the harshness of Metal with pure softness.

To conclude, I think that there is something cool going on in MY BLACK LIGHT that might indulge new listeners. Their material is rather easy to listen and it might become a hit one day.

3 Star Rating

1. Energy Core
2. Being Human
3. Detriny
4. The Abstainer
5. Noise for Sale
6. Inner World
7. Deadline
8. A Lie For Eternity
9. Ideal
10. Guiding Light
11. Ti Sento
12. Unbreak My Heart 
Monica- Vocals
Rudy- Keyboards / Vocals
Lello- Guitar
Marco- Bass
Edo- Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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