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My Darkest Hate - Anger Temple Award winner

My Darkest Hate
Anger Temple
by Andrej Romic at 29 January 2017, 7:24 AM

MY DARKEST HATE is a band coming from Germany, Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, active since 1998, and pretty much an overlooked band. According to Metal Archives, none of their albums ever got reviewed (at least on the site). It might not be the most reliable source of information, but it’s sad to see that such a powerful band playing one of the most brutal genres in metal gets pretty much ignored and unacknowledged, so I thought, let’s change that with a few sentences, maybe some of you will enjoy this band and find it a hidden gem. They currently have a demo, and five full-length studio albums. The newest one, ‘’Anger Temple’’, released by the legendary Massacre Records, came out in 2016, on November 24’th, as a CD version.  Their album begins with the track ‘’You Shall Know Them’’, and I can already say, having no previous experience with this band, that I am in love with it. I might be a person that connects to things too easily, or it’s that the music is simply fucking good! Both are considerable. This song starts with a brutal low tune riff, typical for the genre, the vocals are beast-like, kind of understandable, the riffs themselves are catchy, the drums are epic. It all comes down to one brutal sentence being shouted by the vocalist: ‘’YOU SHALL KNOW THEM!’’. The whole riffing collapses when a mini solo arrives, and then it starts again.

‘’My Inner Demons’’, the second track, starts with a brutal, pumping, cyber-industrial atmospheric piece, way more brutal riffing, again pretty much understandable vocals. ‘’Division Zero’’, begins with a groovy riff and incredible howling vocals. I noticed this band is keeping things completely old school, they don’t really use screams, but focus more on the mere growl vocal style, followed by the nasty, groovy, and tasty riffs. A bit Thrash oriented, but still completely Death Metal. ‘’Rise and Rise Again’’, proves that I was pretty much wrong, because this track starts off with a sick scream, and you can clearly hear the name of the track, shouted really loudly. The band does have some modern elements, that’s true, but they don’t overuse them! While I’m blasting the fourth track on the album, I stare a bit at the artwork, which was done by Dis-Art Design. This track is brutal as hell, and you will slowly start to feel like the album still has some things hidden, which are about to be shown to you. ‘’Me, the Cure’’, starts with a slow riff, it’s a bit chug-y, and then the vocals begin to shatter everything around you. The growls are perfectly balanced with the music, everything is catchy, and it’s basically ear candy to blast this incredible record.

 Off to the sixth track ‘’Our Sign Is Victory’’, is much, much faster than any previous song, it starts off with brutal and incredible riffing, the vocals are perfect, not too loud, neither too silent. The album is a pure energy bomb! ‘’Awaken From Slumber’’, the seventh track on the album, starts off with a creepy atmosphere being followed by the nice intro riff, which is slow, so far. The riff, of course, as in each previous song, gets crushed (literally) by the nasty sounding vocals. The riffs continue on, they are somewhat melodic a bit from time to time, but still pretty nasty and raw. I wish I had the lyrics of this album, it’s challenging to understand everything on the album, but if you pay attention, you might as well will understand some parts! The penultimate track ‘’Master Of Lies’’, which is the eight song so far, starts with an intro of a female screaming something about lies. This track even has a few slam influences, don’t think instantly that the record is full of brutal influences, just for a second some of the riffs and the overall atmosphere reminded me of today’s modern brutal Death Metal, Mixed with Slam. Of course, it’s fine to use some of those riffs, as long as it doesn’t become monotone. That’s just my opinion, of course. So far this track is incredible, it has a nice, slow atmosphere, the riffs are incredible, the vocals aren’t always dominant, they stop from time to time, to let us enjoy the incredible riff-work. The track contains more speeches, around the first half.

The last track ‘’My Anger, My Temple’’, is so far the slowest track, but I highly doubt that’s a bad thing. It kicks off with nice melodic riffs, slow, but purely enjoyable. The vocals follow the slow riffs, and they themselves are a bit slowed down, on purpose. Germany might be well known for thrash, but it definitely proves from time to time how it can come out with some brilliant musicians, playing underrated genres. This band, this album, is a true German underground death metal piece. Give it a listen, if you need new music in your life (yes you do)!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. You Shall Know Them
2. My Inner Demons
3. Division Zero
4. Rise and Rise Again
5. Me, the Cure
6. Our Sign Is Victory
7. Awaken from Slumber
8. Master of Lies
9. My Anger, My Temple
Klaus Sperling - Drums
Jörg M. Knittel - Guitars
Claudio A. Enzler - Vocals
Roberto Palacios - Bass
Jonas Khalil - Guitars
Record Label: Massacre Records


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