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My Dear Addiction - Kill The Silence

My Dear Addiction
Kill The Silence
by Craig Rider at 23 February 2016, 2:27 PM

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here to give you an insight on this Swedish Metalcore quintet: MY DEAR ADDICTION.

At first, I already knew Metalcore was this band's motive. I mean; no disregard, but when a singular word like “my” is included for a band name - to my knowledge, is only found in Metalcore, Nu-Metal or anything with “core” edged on to the Metal we know and love. I personally find this a distasteful band name and yes, this includes bands like: BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE who don't necessarily appeal to me either, but they have Metal in their vains so, I tolerate them for that at the most. Hey…I'm not here to talk about that.

I'm here to talk about whether or not MY DEAR ADDICTION is a band worthy of your time. And that's a resounding hells yes.

Right off the bat; BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE pinpointed to my brain, the similarities are mostly obvious. Also, I might as well include a good friend's band: KILL CONFIRMED, who have equally similar music styles these bands reminiscent. But why do I like MY DEAR ADDICTION, more so than BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE?

Well, they just sound so damn brutal. They have rhythm; technique, and actual singing skills that aren't just typical full on “core” based growling. Kim Lindstén mixes his vocal ranges about, and it really works well. From clean to hard and rough. Though, the hardcore veterans may be put off by the “whiny” side that exposes now and then, but in my opinion, it's a nice break and if you want some variety; this is a perfect demonstration of that construction. The titular track: “Kill The Silence” has everything mentioned above but also what springs to mind is a vague similarity to extreme modern Metal bands like SOULFLY, SLIPKNOT, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH…so on and so forth. MY DEAR ADDICTION want you to headbang enjoyably; while making you feel brutally epic.

Melodic can also be found “A Promise” which implements some nice guitar sounds from Christoffer Holm and Ludvig Blaesild, while I have to bring up Kim Lindstén again. This is where the growling part I mentioned comes in, which has a distinct scent of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, OUTRIGHT RESISTANCE type of hardcore vocals, which again, it's nice to have that mix of Metal in one band; if I'm brutally honest. “Winners” slows things down but nicely keeps that melodic flavour in-check and everything else. I'm already convinced that this is a band that know how to be hard as nails, but make sure that rhythm is the ultimatum here, to insure you can enjoy this Metal greatly. That's how I felt anyway after a few listens.

Peter Parkeborn on drums and Johannes Nordigårds on bass makes that brutal sound I've spoke about more evident although, I felt at one point that the drums could have been louder around the “Beautiful” and “Unbreakable” mark. Everything else seemed to overtake but they come back with a vengeance now and then. During “Beautiful” I'm immersed in an epic “OH!” vocal that I'll have to mention to KILL CONFIRMED when I speak to the vocalist next; similarities abound.

Always Around You” feels thrashier, a little bit like KILLER BE KILLED's “Curb Crusher” eccentrics which as a huge fan; I approve greatly. “All White” brings me to talk about Kim Lindstén again; if this is modern Metal i.e. Nu-Metal, we should treat this genre with more respect if I'm honest. The vocals here sound bloody great, high-pitched rhythm greatness. This guy want to bring all things Metal into one, neat package. Bravo. For me, this is what Metal is all about. If you can implement all things Metal, keeping that musicianship integrity in-check as well; you have yourselves a band of mighty importance. Around “Veins”, “Face It And Rewind” things start sounding a little similar; same with “Our Fire Inside” so not too much else to add.

So I guess this concludes “Kill The Silence”. Wow, If we had more bands like these I think I'll just be a much happier Metalhead. This is what Metal is all about, in my opinion. By all means; it's no masterpiece, but it entails the essence as one. Just, if you're looking for something original - if fans of: BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and such; you probably won't find much else new here.

But I think I've said enough. So what are you waiting for? Go bang your heads tonight!

4 Star Rating

1. Kill The Silence
2. A Promise
3. Winners
4. Beautiful
5. Unbreakable
6. Always Around You
7. All White
8. Veins
9. Face It And Rewind
10. Our Fire Inside
Kim Lindstén - Vocals
Peter Parkeborn - Drums
Johannes Nordigårds - Bass
Christoffer Holm - Guitar
Ludvig Blaesild - Guitar
Record Label: Dead End Exit Records


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