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My Distance - Tomorrow Will Become Today

My Distance
Tomorrow Will Become Today
by Dory Khawand at 05 August 2013, 3:54 PM

Usually bands remind me of other bands with their musical style, but never has a band confused me into thinking they’re another. While listening to one track on “Tomorrow Will Become Today” I had to check my iTunes to see if I didn’t play a COMEBACK KID track by mistake, since these Italian monsters sound so similar and inspired by that sound. So let’s take a peek into this Hardcore album.

First thing that caught my attention was the vocals. While they remain monotonous (like most Hardcore vocals), they resemble Andrew Neufeld of COMEBACK KID’s shouts so much it surprised me. The flow of the guitars and the drumming help make this album so similar to COMEBACK KID, but enough of that comparison for now.

The genre here can be classified as melodic Hardcore, looking at the harmony in the rhythm, and the somewhat emotional/energizing feel on tracks like “Implode With Your Own Void” and my favorite song on this album, “Depressurized” which I had on repeat for some time.

Now my main concern with this album is the monotony. True, the album is awesome and plays its role as a very entertaining melodic Hardcore album, but it never manages to add any variety. I’d have loved a few variation in vocals, like maybe some low screams rather than the consistent high pitch, and more energy could have been exhibited through guitar breakdowns (not like those you’d find on an “Attack Attack!” Album), and finally, I wanted the bass to be more audible… why? Well this albums lives in the Hardcore category, and historically, Hardcore always featured abundant bass guitars which are absolutely insane, even in bands like SICK OF IT ALL which MY DISTANCE claim this album to be related to musically.

Overall, this release is very decent and a banger for sure. Look out for MY DISTANCE and give “Tomorrow Will Become Today” a good listen, it explodes with Hardcore passion, and for COMEBACK KID fans, you will fucking love this. Cheers!

3 Star Rating

1. Still Here
2. Unheard
3. Back On My Steps
4. Instants Are A Lie
5. Our World Won’t Die With Me
6. Non-Injective
7. Depressurized
8. We Are Nothing Of This
9. Relativistic
10. Implode With Your Own Void
11. Fair Heart
12. Domain
13. Incontestable End
Federico Venta – Bass, Vocals
Federico Ferrari – Guitar
Mauro D’onofrio – Drums
Record Label: Indelirium Records


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