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My Dominion - Consumed

My Dominion
All Fall Down
by Daniel Fox at 10 October 2014, 2:14 PM

MY DOMINION are a fresh, new band out of Essen, Germany; a country known for its blistering repertoire of Heavy and Thrash Metal, very recently having released their debut full-length, "Consumed". A brash release, it combines a robust array of styles of Metal, and is sure to contain its fair share of thrills.

"All Fall Down" gets the metal going, with an intriguing, and perhaps a little confusing, mash-up of styles; weaving a masterful selection of riffs, ranging from savage Death Metal attacks to heavier, groove-based chugs, the entire track is actually arranged in a splendid fashion. This track, along with "Someone Else", are perfectly examples of how excellent under-produced Death Metal can sound. The latter also features some powerful, at the very least unique-sounding clean vocals; smatterings of which are found dotted throughout the album. "War Machine" features this album's tendencies to venture gloriously into blistering Melodeath environments, featuring a few Thrashy throwdowns; interestingly, this track features some of the heavier moments on the record.

"Alone" begins with a fist-pumpingly-powerful opening riff, reminiscent of classic heavyweights such as ACCEPT; it is only fitting that metal with sledgehammer riffs like these be fitted with gruff and rasping coarse vocals, that compliment the already-raw productions perfectly. These tendencies are also touched on in "Killing Spree", one of the album's personal highlights for me, and alongside the brutal march of "Belive". I strongly recommend a substantial bass system for this album, along with quality headphones, because the rhythmic reverberations of this band are a sound to behold.

This album isn't a perfect effort; the tracks themselves range from 'alright' to thoroughly enjoyable; the way some of the vocals are mapped to the lyrics come across as a little unconvincing, but overall, I would consider this a stellar effort for a first release.

4 Star Rating

1. Invasion
2. All Fall Down
2. Warmachine
3. Someone Else
4. Hide
5. Our Darkest Trail
6. Alone
7. They Came To Conquer
8. Killing Spree
9. Believe
10. Burial Of the Weak
11. I Have Seen It All
12. I Rule
Martin RedSky - Vocals, Bass
Steve Etschatron - Guitars, Vocals
Basti "Kicker of Ass" Peters - Guitars, Vocals
Jan "Old Schmetterhand" Tacken - Drums
Record Label: Nihilistic Empire Records


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