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My Dynamite - Self Titled Award winner

My Dynamite
Self Titled
by Sharon "Metal Chick" Bar-Or at 02 July 2012, 2:29 PM

You're about to find out that MY DYNAMITE is more than just another Rock N' Roll band; much more. Guys, stop everything! "Raise Your Glasses" and come to part with me and with the awesome MY DYNAMITE.

The credit goes to all but only one really stood up in the limelight - Patrick Carmody (Lead Vocalist). Listening to Patrick's voice it's like listening to more fun and relaxed Steven Tyler (AEROSMITH) and you know what? It sounds so damn good: He's not overreacted with his voice and at the same time he's very persuasive. When it comes to Patrick's vocal range and abilities- I’ll give him 10/10 because his voice is just perfect to MY DYNAMITE plus he has an extremely dynamic vocal alibies; which mean he can do whatever he wants with his voice and it suits the natural character of MY DYNAMITE: Kick ass good all fashion Hard Rock- Just for your entertainment for 100%.

Moving on to the rest of the band: Benny Wolf (Guitar), Simon Aarons (Drums), Travis Fraser (Bass) and Jorge Balas (Guitar), what can I say? You all just made me a fan! They rock the house with MY DYNAMITE! Every riff is awesome and kicks ass kind of nature which is perfect for those who just want to listen to a great Hard Rock album and to have fun by doing so. But you know what could have done this album even better? Keyboards solo at one or two tracks, to let it be more groovy Rock N' Roll side, it's always fun to listen to a keyboard solo in this genre.

I think it's the first time I realize why bands (And no matter what genre they are) like to self-titled their albums from time to time. I've never knew MY DYNAMITE before and this album is about getting to know them. It's very easy to write an album about love and hate and fear and growing up and so on however MY DYNAMITE decided that what could me more fun and simple to let the fans and people like me that hear them for the first time to get to know them and I must say, I love the idea!

So 10 tracks are on MY DYNAMITE's album and I just couldn't pick one to call it as a favorite one; I just love them all, even the seventh track "Singing Stormy Weather", which is a half ballad song, is an awesome track!

Well, I'm off to the beach with my new favorite Rock N' Roll band - MY DYNAMITE! So you better "Take it or Leave It". My advice to you is to take it! Enjoy!

4 Star Rating

1. Take It Or Leave It
2. Inside Out
3. If We're Livin'
4. Dirty Game
5. Watch Yourself Grow
6. Raise Your Glasses
7. Singing Stormy Weather
8. Big Attraction
9. All The She Brings
10. Fork In Your Tongue
Patrick Carmody- Lead Vocals
Jorge Balas- Guitar
Travis Fraser- Bass
Simon Aarons- Drums
Benny Wolf- Guitar
Record Label: Listenable Records


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