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My Funeral – Harder Than This Life Award winner

My Funeral
Harder Than This Life
by Joseph “Joe” Thundercloud at 16 March 2017, 9:42 PM

“Harder than this life” is the third work of Finnish Thrash Metal band MY FUNERAL,  an energetic reminder of today’s bands struggle to remain in the path towards Metal immortality. A both lively and brutal follow up to 2015’s full length Violence Academy, “Harder Than this Life” is released as an EP after the bands reinsertion in a record labels roster, following a brief period of independence. Released through Via Nocturna Records, “Harder Than this Life” is another example that Finland is proving to be a seedbed not only for the most “Nordic” types of metal, but for thrash and death metal as well. It is truly gratifying to know that in today’s world, one can still find sanctuary in a band such as MY FUNERAL, A prime level music ensemble

The guitar solo at 1:30 in “It’s About the Pride“ strides at full speed to keep the momentum flowing, just like that brief silence between a bomb being launched into the air and the exact moment of its impact on the poor souls that dared to defy the longevity and transcendence of Thrash Metal.

The riffs that connect with the bridge at the middle of the song reminded me of eighties MAIDEN, with the twin guitars as trailblazers for a full on assault that relocate troops after the attack with the same escalating melodic passages, dueling to the end making “Future Violence” a killer opening track, the only adjective this is worthy of. In a continuous flow of one energetic riff after another, MY FUNERAL provide great energy to the listener of this fiercely recorded and finely produced EP.

Seek the truth” is by far my favorite track on this EP, defined by tension and tension alone, a groundbreaking track with an atmospheric black metal feel to it, like an assassin lurking in the dark seeking retribution and resolution, the track has an immediate reference to HEXEN’s ”Being and Nothingness, with a journey beyond the borders of genre, musicianship and precise execution, turn this track into an immediate new discovery worthy of being added in any Metal connoisseur’s “Best of the Best” playlist.

If you dare ask me, the only problem with this EP, is the tracks being too short and as any EP, should be, when you enjoy it as much as I feel I did, coming to an end too soon, Hoping this evolves into a full-length album before the end of the year, the bands current touring duties seem to occupy their full time for now, but MY FUNERAL seem determined enough to manage the schedule of a fully committed contemporary band, whatever that may mean and Thrash Metal carries on as one of Metal’s tougher and most resilient contender, proving to have the most loyal and stubborn legions ready to sack and plunder village after village until no foes are left and no prisoners are taken making  all the subgenres quiver as they seem to grow shorter in numbers year after year.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Future Violenece
2. It’s all about the pride
3. ….And more violence
4. Seek the Truth
5. Harder than this life
Ilkka Sepponen - Vocals&Bass
Joonas Kiviniemi - Guitars
Aku Korhonen - Guitars
Hannu Sivusuo - Drums
Record Label: Via Nocturna Records


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Edited 02 April 2023

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