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My Haven – Until

My Haven
by Leanne Evans at 02 October 2021, 7:51 AM

Having slowly simmered since 2016, Scandinavian Symphonic Metallers MY HAVEN present their debut album, “Until”. The feisty Finnish quartet draw inspiration from the delightful shades of 80’s hard rock flavours, injecting a contemporary metal vibe, producing what can be described as hard rock meets melancholic melodic metal. Serving up blends of synth-laced sexiness, merged with grandiose guitar solos and searingly soaring vocals, MY HAVEN deliver ten tracks of vibrant velocity and velvety vivacity, exploring the introspective and emotionally tragic with finesse and executing with razor-sharp precision.

From the gargantuan efforts of opening track, “Blood of Hope”, right the way through to the breath-taking power ballad, “Forever”, MY HAVEN take you on a blindingly emotive aural journey. “Blood of Hope” is as melodic as it is powerful and bruising, with poignant moments hidden amongst brooding and tempestuous aspects, wrapped in a subtle but punchy bass line with vocals that intoxicate. Teija’s projection is as gripping as it is enticing, with “Art of Letting Go” penetrating with passages of pensiveness and pouring as a composition of melodious sorrow, one of a few nostalgically 80’s power ballad feeling tracks on “Until”.

With their honeyed tones, MY HAVEN pour their sugary sweetness through “Found Not Forgotten”, dripping syrupy softer timbres through punchy, infectious riffs in a catchy composition that leaves its mark. Shifting to the sombre tainted “Slowest Death in Life”, the track captivates and displays the band’s talented ability perfectly, gracefully moving to the all-consuming “Beginning and the End” with its surge of 80’s synth melodic flavours. The pace of “Until” drops a little in “Day One” bridging the album, transpiring as a lulling piece that doesn’t quite grip as much as you’d like, although moving into “Bridges Burning”, another smooth, brooding piece, the emotive power surges through and quickly grips you once more, with its hard rock hooks and meaty guitar work.

Which, speaking of the guitar, WOW, we’re spoilt! Kimmo delivers so many delicious solos on this album, they’re sincerely to die for! The divinity of his clean and precise delivery is served up in “The Hell I Died For”, robust, muscular yet somehow delicate and vulnerable. Combined with a rumbling bassline, the beating drums and passionate vocal projection, this track is a definite highlight of “Until”. Coming to the last couple of cuts, the potent bite of “Name of the Game” tears through with gusto with a ‘cat and mouse’ feel to the tempo, switching between heated moments and tinkering teases, giving way to the beauteous ballad, “Forever”. MY HAVEN opt to bookend the album with something a little more lovesick and sweet, but it’s a precious way to wrap up an all-round wholesome full-length.

“Until” is a virtuous listen, offering sporadic moments to stomp, but mostly delivering tracks that provide pensive meanderings, all wrapped up in some fine musicianship, crisp production and hard rock tenderness; definitely an album worth checking out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Blood of Hope
2. Art of Letting Go
3. Found Not Forgotten
4. Slowest Death in Life
5. Beginning and the End
6. Day One
7. Bridges Burning
8. The Hell I Died For
9. Name of the Game
10. Forever
Teija Sotkasiira – Vocals
Kimmo Pitkänen – Guitars
Petteri Paukku – Bass
Jan Hirvonen – Drums, Synth, FX
Record Label: Independent


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