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My Hidden Sin - The Tale

My Hidden Sin
The Tale
by Emily Coulter at 12 January 2014, 1:07 AM

French Metal group MY HIDDEN SIN are entered under every metal genre imaginable, they combine Progressive, Death and Black all into their first full length album ''The Tale''. Whilst some bands who try to attempt how this band sounds fail miserably, MY HIDDEN SIN do it their own unique way and it stands out from every other band you could compare them to, each member is extremely talented and show no signs of stopping soon.

''Slave Of Fate'' is the first track from the thirteen song album and opens up with impressive technical riffs from Jolan Normand enhanced by Alan Tosetti's fast blast beats on the drums, though Sylvain Favre's vocals are on the heavier side of the death metal spectrum they somehow fit perfectly with the progressive soundtrack of the band. The most impressive part of this is how technical it gets throughout the song and then just cuts off into a gentle melody at 2.08, it takes you by surprise completely but it's very enjoyable. Opening with a soft piano part before breaking into brutal Death Metal ''When Death Is Late'' is more melodic but the band haven't stopped their technical ways for just one track, Favre's vocals are much more suited to this track, more rough than the previous but still great. The song does drag on a little bit, mostly due to the keyboard parts but is still enjoyable but would be a perfect track if it was reduced to around the 4 minute mark. ''The Judgement'' has a heavy blackened Death Metal vibe to this but the album was due to get heavier. Though some of the riffs are rather simplistic at times, the band have not got rid of how complex they can be and do fight back with vengeance when it does get dull, the drum fills are the same with being repetitive in parts but it heavily compliments the song. If you're a fan of bands such as AMON AMARTH, CHILDREN OF BODOM and  ROTTING CHRIST then you would adore this track.

All bands like to experiment and everyone knows that but sadly ''Le Paradis De Stan'' is not a track to be enjoyed. Sylvain's clean vocals do not fit in with the melodic parts in anyway, only sounding good when they get to the chorus when his vocals go back to how they were, the keyboard solos are too high for the songs and would have been better suited in a lower tuning. MY HIDDEN SIN has tried to do to much at one time, ''Le Paradis De Stan'' feels like they have pushed together two songs into one and it does not work in any form. But the band come back better with ''Come Here To Get Whipped'' with roaring riffs and drum fills, all the band's talents are seen here. The song is a hit with any Melodic Death fan, being heavy and soft in places it's impossible not to enjoy this. Tosetti's drumming is on top form on this track, being fast paced but not overshadowing the other members. ''Prison Break'' may have an interesting intro but it's sadly dull for the rest of the song. The vocals are strained and you can barely here them when put with the guitars, everything sounds to mashed together in a rush. The only great thing about this was the DREAM THEATER-esque keyboard solo from Maxime Hacquard.

Tosetti uses double bass to its maximum effect in ''Seul Contre Tous'' and the catchy riffs are just as good but again the vocals are too quiet for the song. Though the song is one of the weaker songs from the album it is still good due to everyone in the band being able to show how good they are on their chosen instruments. ''Before My Life'' is a much appreciated acoustic track from the band, a break from the brutal sounds of the next track ''Resurrection''. Favre's vocals are as low as they can get to accompany deep bass from Hacqaurad. The song has a small instrumental break halfway through the song but a legendary solo is brought in after. ''Utopia'' is about as technical as the band can get, bringing in so many unique elements to the song. The song is heavy and loud though the keyboard part at 1.45 followed by a complex solo really shakes the song to its core. ''Desillusion'' is rough and heavy in its own right with Favre's gravel throated vocals going against harmonised guitars. The track is a standard Death Metal song but you are pleasantly surprised when it randomly goes into a peaceful melody at 1.42, something found more commonly nearing the end of the album. The song could have been a lot better without so many random breaks for instrumental parts, though the keyboard solo at 3.18 is enjoyable. It's nearly impossible to describe ''Redemption'' in a way that is easy to understandable, but MY HIDDEN SIN have brought in so many genre's it's hard to tell if the song is enjoyable or not. If the song was heavier with a lot more structure but this just felt too confusing to listen to. Final track of the album ''Suicide'' is the longest but it is packed of everything the album has to offer: astounding solos, crashing drums, deep bass, growling vocals and impressive keyboards. The song slows down towards the end, a piano part closing the track fully which makes a perfect end to the 13 track album.

MY HIDDEN SIN are a bunch of talented guys who know how to create some amazing death metal and deserve everyone's attention. The album does have its weak points but it is still mind blowing for new listeners, its best songs are ''Slave Of Fate'' and ''The Judgement''

4 Star Rating

1. Slave Of Fate
2. When Death Is Late
3. The Judgement
4. Le Paradis De Stan
5. Come Here To Get Whipped
6. Prison Break
7. Seul Contre Tous
8. Before My Life
9. Resurrection
10. Utopia
11. Desillusion
12. Reduption
13. Suicide
Sylvain Favre – Vocals, Guitars
Jolan Normand – Guitars
Maxime Hacquard – Bass, Keyboards
Alan Tosetti – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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