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My Hollow - On Borrowed Time Award winner

My Hollow
On Borrowed Time
by Dominik Chelinski at 22 September 2015, 7:03 AM

According to the Canadian stereotype, we can assume that they are generally peaceful and calm, yet somewhere the whole frustration, anger and vexation must be stored, and finally released. And here emerges from Ontario MY HOLLOW’s full album called "On Borrowed Time".  Released on 31 of July, this record is a death/progressive metal first full-length opus. This five pieced band rocks together since 2008.

The first strike is fast and aggressive. Vocals in flagship "On Borrowed Time" are diverse and enjoyable. With both screaming and growling, Graham Gaudreault gives a nice vocal show-up, and they don't let up. The nice melody mixed up with groove licks and really heavy breaks creates a gentle headphone apocalypse. The subtle tension-building beginning of the second track is interrupted by guitar roam, followed by brutal drop, whilst a groove riff holds the level; it might just be the hardest piece of this album. "As Seams Seep Red" is a bit of a thrashy and salutatory track with extreme breakdowns with deep growls. Then we have DECAPITATED death metal style "History of Violence", and after that there is a moment to catch breath. “Life in the Shadows" is a short piano intro to "Kings With No Castles", which is a groovy and uproarious track, with subtle parts and dark atmosphere. "Wade Through the Thorns" keeps the climate, whilst "We Caught the Sun" makes the album even more obscure. The last song "Blood Seeds" is a fast and vivacious piece, ending with subtle melody similar to the one in previous track.

MY HOLLOW mix groove with brute force, giving it a nice progressive touch, which fans of GOJIRA or LAMB OF GOD will appreciate. The band likes to put extreme drops which are the escalation of the tension-building groove parts. The good thing is that every song flows: the transitions are fluent and the composition is neat. The harsh but well thought-through style of MY HOLLOW made this album really interesting, and the vocals are diverse, from deep growls to high pitched screams, like in THY ART IS MURDER. That's a bit of a different approach to the extreme music: instead of making it more dissonant, Canadians made it smooth. See? Is it really that hard to break the endless Blast-tremolo-double-bass schemes? Good job!

4 Star Rating

1. On Borrowed Time
2. Cold Dark Days
3. As Seams Seems Red
4. History of Violence
5. Life in the Shadows
6. Kings With No Castles
7. Wade Through the Thorns
8. We Caught the Sun
9. Blood Seeds
Graham Daniel Gaudreault - Vocals
Greg Gallagher - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Sean De Faria - Bass
Lenny Chiasson - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Angelo Giammattolo - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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