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My Last Solace – Echoes Follower

My Last Solace
Echoes Follower
by Calen Nesten at 03 June 2015, 10:53 PM

MY LAST SOLICE hails from Minsk, Belarus. Their second EP “Echoes Follower” was released early in 2015.  The best way for me to describe MY LAST SOLACE is part math-rock, part nu-metal, all furious fun! The band is tight and demonstrate their skills through beautiful transitions and impressive time changes. I love the vocals too, they lie somewhere between MUDVAYNE and SOUNDGARDEN. There are only 4 tracks on this short EP, but each one carries its own weight. The first track, “No More” sounds like an unintelligible wave of instruments, they don't seem to fit together at all and yet, it's beautiful. Eventually, it all falls together but the first part of the track sounds like what grind bands usually do: assault you with sound, forcing you to pick apart the intricate details of each instrument. The second track, “Darkness” really demonstrates the band's 90's nu-metal inspiration with simple, drudging riffs and melodic, semi-clean vocals.

Track 3 is called “Oasis pt. 2” and, for the life of me, I cannot seem to find any part 1, I want to hear part 1! The track reminds me of something that GODSMACK would release, except, you know, not shitty. The final track, entitled “New Dawn” is one of the hardest tracks on the EP. Mostly consisting of screaming in a language I don't speak (Russian). It adds a slight thrash element to “Echoes Follower”. Now, this is just an EP. And dammit, EPs this good are like getting interrupted during an orgy with all your favorite actors and actresses. Even if it feels like you never really finished, you still had the time of your life. MY LAST SOLICE may only have a couple singles and EPs  to their name but they are still working hard playing gigs and (hopefully!) preparing for a no nonsense, honest to god full length album. Some of their tracks are even free to download from Reverb Nation, so check MY LAST SOLICE out soon!

3 Star Rating

1. No More
2. Darkness
3. Oasis Pt 2
4. New Dawn
Andrey - Drums
Sergey - Guitar
Slava - Bass
Max - Vocals
Record Label: Metal Scrap Records


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