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My Name Is Janet - Big Unveiling In The Town Of Dead

My Name Is Janet
Big Unveiling In The Town Of Dead
by Yngwieviking at 16 December 2014, 12:44 AM

The prominent label Power Prog Records, is clearly, one of the most courageous and dedicated refuge for everything that is musically adventurous, really original and virtuosic in the today Prog Metal scene! After the release of the first solo album by Sergey Boykov “Falling Skies", here is again something for you, the curious minds, in order to reach an even more bizarre and unexpected horizon…In fact, this album is proudly promoted by PowerProg as an untypical and multinational band weirdly called MY NAME IS JANET and its second work titled "Big Unveiling In The Town Of Dead", is available worldwide since November 28, 2014 only as a digital download, hopefully, I heard about a limited physical release soon!

This international nonconformist Progressive Rock project, MY NAME IS JANET, was created in 2009 by Jim Aviva as only a recording experience, when the well known studio magician Andy La Rocque (from KING DIAMOND Fame), agreed to bring his producer skills for the album “Red Room Blue” and after the successful work on this debut album, they all understand that it was the beginning of something really special…A true artistic focused item, a real feast for the intellectual music lovers (“Expectation For Love”) provided by a bunch of talented musicians, such as bass player Bjorn Englen (HELLION / ex-Y.J.MALMSTEEN / ex-MACALPINE / DIO DISCIPLES), DREAMLAND’s drummer Alexx and saxophonist Sammy Lukas…The demented mastermind behind all this is Jim Aviva on Vocal/Spoken words and Keyboards. If you need something like another attempt to reactivated the True Metal movement or the last overnight sensation in the Screamo pseudo Metalcore or Prog Djent genre, please forget about MY NAME IS JANET.

Indeed, an wide open mind is required to fully embrace the majesty of the MY NAME IS JANET sound style, this is an unique and experimental, Neo-Prog album mixed with odd loops/etheral seasick pace/Dissonant synthetic landscapes/a few horns section and some hot Metal slice (“Ulan Bator”)…Under a conceptual thematic set in a dramatic story about a team of clowns trying to entertain the audience in a phantomatic city.

After hearing this collection of singular cuts for the first time there is only two valid options : push the play button once more or avoid any new encounter forevermore…No one will ever take this with indifference, it’s a matter of love or hate, I believe!

I’ve pushed the button twice…I’m still perplexed to the extreme…So my rating isn’t accurate, but it reflect my schizophrenic repulsion/attraction for this piece of Art!

2 Star Rating

1. Bandwagon for the Broken Stage
2. When I Say To You the Truth
3. Uncanny Fright
4. The Sand
5. The Eastern Vibes
6. Ulan Bator
7. Expectation For Love
8. Feed Your President
9. Bandwagon Leaves the City of the Dead
Jim Aviva - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Nebukin - Guitars
Alexx Hedlund - Drums
Bjorn Englen - Bass
Sammy Lukas - Saxophone
Record Label: Power Prog


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