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My Own Ghost – Life On Standby

My Own Ghost
Life On Standby
by Jess at 10 August 2017, 2:54 PM

MY OWN GHOST is a Hard Rock band from Luxembourg founded in 2013. The band did a lot of touring and finally released their first full-length album “Love Kills” in 2014. They then signed with their current label and have toured with LOUDNESS and supported DELAIN in shows across Europe. They are back with their sophomore effort “Life On Standby”, released in April 2017. This album comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of about 36 minutes.

The opening track and album’s namesake comes in with a Techno colored punch. The synths are interesting and create an airy flow. A Heavier Rock comes in with a blasting guitar and drums, but still keeping a bit of programming in the background. The vocals are female, clean, and celestial. There is a definite Pop meets Rock here, but the balance is nice and MY OWN GHOST has never denied that they have an attribution to a little Pop. This track is also a video release and it is intense, evoking immense emotion.

Everytime I Break”, track two, is a radio-ready track. The sound is something like PARAMORE. It is a Hit Rock track with a catchy course and a hooking melody. There is an ethereal feeling at the end that makes a simple, albeit hit worthy, track a bit more complex.

Track four, “10 Weeks Of Summer”, comes in a little harder than the rest of the tracks we’ve heard so far. It is your basic ‘Summer Love’ love story. Where you had so much fun, but now fall is here and ‘things are changing’. There is a bit of fun programming in this track. It brings a spark of creativity to another wise standard Pop Rock track.

No Air”, track seven, is interesting. It comes in with a creepy, lullaby song and much more of a Pop feel. While the drums are nicely done, the guitars take the cake. There is a solo midway through that makes up for the more Pop-esque track. The guitars absolutely shred. There is a bit of bass that gets to shine through too. These little snippets of musicianship prove that behind a radio-ready Pop Rock band lays real talent.

When Love Is Not Enough”, track nine, is back to the hard more Rock heavy track without so much programming. The drums are methodical, the guitars are 90’s through backs (think something like Dawson’s Creek or Buffy The Vampire Slayer sound track), and the bass is buried under the production.

The final track, “Hope”, comes in a little sexier with a slower feel and a bit of some Bluesy intent. The bass gets some love, because well the best of the sexier tracks always allows the bass to have some power. The guitars are retro 90’s again and reminiscing begins. The drums are nice with a Jazzy Bluesy beat, rounding out this album well.

MY OWN GHOST reminds me of a hybrid of PARAMORE and EVANESCENCE. The music is more Pop Rock in a PARAMORE type style while her vocal intent is on the EVANESCENCE level. “Life On Standby” is a light and airy album, but the lyrics are intense and the emotion set behind many of the tracks is appealing. You can hear a talent that, sadly, I feel is misplaced. The album is good, but isn’t as satisfying as it could be.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Life On Standby
2. Everytime I Break
3. Alive
4. 10 Weeks Of Summer
5. If I Stay
6. Don’t Say You Love Me
7. No Air
8. The Night Before I Die
9. When Love Is Not Enough
10. Hope
Julie Rodesch - Vocals
David Soppelsa - Guitars
Joe May - Bass
Michael Stein - Drums
Record Label: Secret Entertainment


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