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My Reflection - Dreamland Drowning

My Reflection
Dreamland Drowning
by Cameron Ervin at 04 March 2013, 4:14 PM

If you are looking for something that sounds like main stream socially acceptable Metal look no further than MY REFLECTION. In my opinion “Dreamland Drowning” sits on the edge of the metal genre, leaning more towards the Hard Rock side than the Metal. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because an album like this might serve as a gate way for a newcomer to the genre. There are enough bits from the more metallic genre such as rough male vocals, down tuned guitars, and even some symphonic elements that would leave a new listener curious as to what “metal” might have to offer. “Dream Land” drowning is straight forward enough to appeal the average fan of HALESTORM, SKILLET, FLYLEAF, BREAKING BENJAMIN, and other mainstream bands while remaining entertaining for an open minded metal fan. This is certainly an album I wouldn’t listen to on a regular basis but instead when I was in need of a quick fix like a catchy chorus or solid melody from the female vocalist. Something that did surprise me was the fact that every song actually stood out and sounded different making this record kind of entertaining. Each song had a different mood, unique riffs, and choruses. The variety I adore so much is here.

Let’s talk about the musicianship exhibited by MY REFLECTION. The lead female vocals are decent but nothing out of the ordinary. The supporting male vocals can be rough and harsh through one section, then clean a few passages later showing how versatile he can be. The guitar on this record is heavily riff driven with a few melodies and runs here and there but nothing too special. I couldn’t make out the bass at all when I was listening to “Dreamland Drowning”. I’m sure the bass is there and if it were gone the listener would probably notice a change in the sound because MY REFLECTION is fairly chunky. The percussion section does get buried underneath the mix from time to time and I had to really concentrate to hear the drums. If you ask me I think the drums should hold a greater presence. Although there is no keyboard player in the lineup this band uses a lot of synthesizers and electronic elements which give the sound a more modern feel. The track that stood out to me was the last track, “Farewell”. The last track clocks in at about 9 minutes and is the most metallic track off the album. “Farewell” actually sounded like an epic Symphonic Power Metal song. I hope MY REFLECTION choses to make more songs like the last track because they pulled it off very well and it was the most interesting one on this record.

If you have a friend you want to introduce to metal without scaring them away from the genre I’d suggest you let them listen to this album. Hopefully it will wet their appetite making them hungry for more.

4 Star Rating

1. Dreamland Drowning
2. Sweet Freedom
3. Crossroads
4. Let the Rain Come Down
5. Stand Again
6. On the Edge
7. Shadow in the Sun
8. Down to Rebirth
9. Ghost
10. Eternal Flames
11. Conscience Calling
12. Farewell
Jenni - Vocals
Petja - Guitar, Vocals
Henkka - Guitar
Aki - Bass
Pete - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Inverse Records


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