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My Regime - Dogmas

My Regime
by Shibalika Tamuli at 12 March 2017, 11:46 AM

“A Black Stone” is the intro to the album, which SLAYER-esque rhythmic section and some soaring bends that leads to the next track "A.A" starts off with furiousity. You can hear SLAYER influences through and through on this song. Vocals resembles a lot to Tom Araya's. All in all, a decent track. "Mind The Gap" proves that these guys love SLAYER, with all their heart and soul. Guitars are furious, drums are tight and chaotic, and the bassline is decent. "Darkness Will Rise" starts off Scandinavian Death Metal riffage but soon takes a turn more Thrash sound and jumps back and forth, throughout. The song is Heavy, Thrashy but Groovier at times.

"Electric Nightmare" is a track that is something beyond SLAYER influences. The track has some TESTAMENT influences as well. The track consists of Thrashy riffage, tight drumming, powerful vocals, and trade-off solos. "Agony In The Garden" is an instrumental, again you can hear SLAYER influences on this track. "Suicide Christ" is maniacal, heavy and riff driven. Instrumentation has been executed very well on this track. It's short and Thrash AF! "The Butcher Of La Cabana" is another instrumental. Basically, it sounds like a filler. "Cuba Libre" has some modern influences. It’s groovier at times but never really loses its Thrashy edge.

"Accretion" is track that starts off in a Black/Death style, with tremolo picked riffage which leads to more Thrashier sound. The song sounds quite generic at times but all in all an enjoyable track. "Clean With Fire" is another SLAYER r influenced track, yep, but with much more melodic leads and solos. "The Fake Breeze Of Summer" may remind you of “Season In The Abyss” at start but few seconds later the songs takes a different direction. The foot stomping, METALLICA-esque riffage. This sounds like what if METALLICA and SLAYER had baby together, basically. "The Ghost" oh c'mon! Yes, it's another instrumental. "Get In Line" is the closer. It starts of quite well but to the second half it sounds like a mangled, mutated version of “Angel of Death.” Unfortunately, it sounds quite rehashed at times.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 4
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1.A Black Stone
3.Mind the Gap
4.Darkness Will Arise
5.Electric Nightingale
6.Agony in the Garden
7.Suicide Christ
8.The Butcher of La Cabana
9.Cuba Libre
11.Clean with Fire
12.The Fake Breeze of Summer
13.The Ghost
14.Get in Line
Spice - Vocals
Marvin Kairenius - Guitars
Bob Ruben - Drums
Alexander Sekulovski - Bass
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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