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My Silent Wake - Invitation To Imperfection

My Silent Wake
Invitation To Imperfection
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 May 2017, 9:38 AM

The need to be different in the middle of a flood of bands from a same Metal genre can build very good works. But sometimes, the efforts can be a (partial or total) waste of time, because the bands have to have a musical identity that points to the direction of a form of music that can be assimilated for the fans. Excessive minimalisms and experimentalism will lead a musical work to nowhere. Let me be honest: the sextet MY SILENT WAKE, from England, really creates a boring form of music on “Invitation to Imperfection”.

It’s a form of Doom/Gothic/Death Metal with the focus of their work on experimental minimalisms. The greater part of the songs is merely instrumental. I understand that such fans are seduced by such introspective musical approach. But I really wanted to ask them “what do they want to do?” and “what is the purpose of your musical work?”, because the album makes little sense. To use long instrumentals songs with such range of musical influences can be dangerous, even from experienced bands. I am sorry to say, but they failed. The sound quality is very good, indeed. As their musical work is orientated to a more introspective and clean work, “Invitation to Imperfection” got a clean sound quality. So we all can understand what they are playing. But the songs don’t make any sense. Yes, unfortunately, there’s no musical sense on the album. It’s like someone shooting in all directions trying to hit a target, and they missed all the shots!

Of course, it’s not a total loss, because you can hear some good ideas scattered on the album’s 14 songs. “Volta”, “Bleak Spring” (with its tribal influences), the Folk/Pagan touch on “Tempest”, “Lament of the Defaetist” and “Return of the Lost at Sea” with their introspective insight, “Nebula”, and the long “Melodien der Waldgeister” are here to show it. But a set of good ideas is not enough to make a good album if they can’t gather together to make something coherent.

Sorry, but such boring music, even having potential, will not get anywhere.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 4
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Vorspiel
2. Helgar Kindir
3. Volta
4. Bleak Spring
5. Tempest
6. The Fear
7. Lament of the Defaetist
8. Aventurine
9. Song of Acceptance
10. Nebula
11. You Drift Away
12. Cwiclác
13. Return of the Lost at Sea
14. Melodien der Waldgeister
Ian Arkley - Guitars, Piano, E-bow, Synthetizers, Didgeridoo, Vocals
Mike Hitchen - Guitars
Marc Ellison - Acoustic Guitar
Simon Bibby - Keyboards
Adam Westlake - Bass
Gareth Arlett - Drums
Record Label: Opa Loka Records


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