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My Sleeping Karma - Moksha

My Sleeping Karma
by Nitsan "Moonchild" Cohen at 17 July 2015, 7:55 AM

Naturally, being such a great fan of vocals and lyrics, it is very hard for me to really enjoy instrumental pieces. In some odd way, I do like instrumental tracks in some specific conditions. The main one of those conditions is their ability to tell a story without words. In many of those conditions, MY SLEEPING KARMA in their new album "Moksha" stood by. I didn't get the story told by the entire album just yet before writing these lines, but each song for itself a story.

MY SLEEPING KARMA aren't playing harsh Metal, but in some parts such as in the song "Vayu" the guitars come out in to some kind of hard rock. All other parts are mostly soft and calm. All throughout the album there are about a million different instruments and sounds, all combined perfectly with one another. All of those different sounds and instruments tend to give the feeling of the Far East in the album, yet the guitar lines give that west sent to it, together making something special that is not seen quite often. All of which, by the way, are to be seen in the album artwork if you have the imagination for it.

The songs in the album are all about 5-8 minutes a piece, and before each song there's an interlude. The interludes are not related to each other or to the following song, but together there seems to be something more complete and natural in the music. MY SLEEPING KARMA describes their music as a "trip". If you listen to it as something in the background, there's no chance you'll feel it. It is only when you truly give it a listen and get into the music you can actually feel all your troubles vanishing into it. The best part is that MY SLEEPING KARMA are able to contain it, and they make you feel understood.

After you get into it, this is a great album to put on when you try to get focused and not let anything get in your way of achieving whatever it is you attempt to. I don't know what is it about those guys that made me feel complete after listening to this album, but they do it. They are no amateurs, and they made it quite clear that lyrics are not a must-have when the music is this good.

4 Star Rating

01. Prithvi
02. Interlude 1
03. Vayu
04. Interlude 2
05. Akasha
06. Interlude 3
07. Moksha
08. Interlude 4
09. Jalam
10. Interlude 5
11. Agni
Seppi - Guitars
Matte – Bass
Steffen – Drums
Norman - Soundboard
Record Label: Napalm Records


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