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My Dying Bride - Meisterwerk II (CD)

My Dying Bride
Meisterwerk II
by Makis Kirkos at 05 June 2001, 2:59 PM

My Dying Bride is one of England's best bands and they have proved it by remaining on the top after changing a lot of things in their music and their line up. From the demo 'Towards The sinister' to the incredible comeback under the title of 'The Light At The End Of The World' they keep forging up music like blacksmiths dedicated to their work. The second part of their anthology will knock you out, not for the aggressiveness or the speed, but for the track selection.

The album starts with 'Sear me' from turn loose the swans. This song, is a bitter one and very relaxing, an all time classic. We move on to the 'Follower'. A song from the sessions of '34.788% Complete'. Strangely though, it is semi-aggressive, and a bit dark. Too bad they did not got this one on the album. Vast Choirs is plain Brutal and plain Dark track from 'As The Flower Withers', it combines death metal with darkening melodies and the 'one of the kind' m.d.b style. She is the dark comes from their latest work, I believe it is not only the best song to open the massive album 'The light…' but a must on their anthology. 'Catching The Feathers' is not an easy thing to listen to. It's bad sound makes it hard on listening, but believe me; it adds to the flavour. A smooth song brings on new elements of pain and suffering, 'Two Winters Only' from Angel and the dark river will chill you out for good. Next in line is 'Your River'. The best song ever released, catchy, brutal and melancholic will give you a trip to remember. Now correct me if I am wrong but… 'Some velvet morning' isn't one of Sinatra's with a diva or something? Well allow me not to say any comments about that one. Finally, 'Roads' is a Portishead cover, it is extremely sad and extremely non-m.d.b if you catch my meaning. But it is Great.

Now that we finished the review of the collection, some nice words. I think this anthology is not like the others just for money, it has rare material that any fan should have. A small tribute for such a great band……

P.S: The rate is only for the selection of tracks.

4 Star Rating

Vast Choirs
She Is The Dark
Catching Feathers
Two Winters Only
Your River
Some Velvet Morning
For You (Video Clip)
Aaron - Vocals
Andrew - Guitars
Ade - Bass
Shaun - Drums
Record Label: Peaceville


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