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My Inner Burning - My Inner Burning (CD)

My Inner Burning
My Inner Burning
by Dimitris Karametros at 27 December 2009, 11:49 AM

There is a saturation to all the fields in the music industry and something new is very difficult to be born. For this reason, we have the recycling of older years and styles such as the reinvention of 70's, 80's and so on or the appearance of extremes with alien sounds single channel sounds and otherpost something that end up being inaudible. For those of you that think that post is something new check a guy called FRANK ZAPPA.
The introduction above leads us directly to My Inner Burning the first attempt of MY INNER BURNING who have also a demo under different name. Female fronted and from Germany, they describe themselves as playing modern Metal; but what is modern Metal?  Modern Metal is not copying the easy way of a female fronted goth group and sing song after song about sadness and loss and whether Edward Will eventually fuck Bella (ref. Twilight movie). Also it's not being afraid to mainstream your sound a little bit to actually show that you love what you are doing without overdoing it; modern is simple it's fun and we need it Metal needs it.
MY INNER BURNING have in their album 11 songs each different, some of them are close to the gothic norm, others are more progressive or pure Metal and some have deep male growls supporting Rebekka's singing. Rebekka is a good singer and fits perfectly to the mood of the band's music; she sings like she is having fun and the listener gets that feeling. There is a German accent undertone to her English pronunciation but I didn't care that much. She also sings within the musical confines of the other musical organs, meaning that she never pushes her voice to brake any crystals just to impress or to show how perfect voice she has; after all Rebekka has an excellent female Metal voice. There are no virtuosity in the guitar department, they play very coherent, you can actually say when the guitars change as Torsen and Jorg have different playing styles. Drums are speedy and strong.
My Inner Burning is a good album for most of the Metal fans; it's a complete attempt covering many styles without being chaotic. MY INNER BURNING seem to know exactly what they wanted to pass with the creation of the album and that goes through the listener and thus, it does not tire. If they manage to remain above the sea level and continue like this they will probably direct their music more precise but still, this their debut album.
I liked them and since I was tired from work I wanted to listen to something new and fresh and MY INNER BURNING did good to my ears.

3 Star Rating

Head On A Plane
Guide To Fame And Wealth
Fly With Me
Judgment Day
Solitude Within You
What Has To Be Done
Over And Over And Over Again
Into Chaos
Soul Inc.
The Great Decline
They Know Better
Rebekka Gaber - Vocals
Torsten Sauerbrey - Guitar
Jorg Janssen - Guitar, Shouts
Daniel Pietrzak - Bass
Niklas Kahl - Drums
Record Label: CMM GmbH


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