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My Insanity - Solar Child (CD)

My Insanity
Solar Child
by Manolis Moundrianakis at 11 June 2001, 9:23 PM

Imagine you have reached the psychological profile of someone who wants to commit suicide and the only thing he needs is a little 'push' well My Insanity would offer this 'push' needed for the person to end his life.

In other words, the German My Insanity with their second studio album 'Solar Child' promise you 48 minutes of melancholy and despair. In this album the band seems to be mixing electronically enhanced rock with metal elements, generating a combination of melancholic tunes. It looks as if there has been some attempts in adding some aggressive feeling into it but without a result since every aggressive part is immediately covered by a vast mass of melancholy.

It's not that the music these guys play is slow or anything, on the other hand, it's comparably fast considering the kind of feeling they're trying to spread with their music. The bad thing is that after some time it kinda ends up boring, I mean after the seventh song I was in a dilemma whether to shut down the stereo or not though I have to admit that there were some parts which were really cool with awesome guitar riffs and groovy drums as for the vocals? nothing impressive about them.

'Solar Child' recorded in Woodhouse Studios and what impressed me was the production which was very good with merely any problems. The different instruments are combined perfectly together and not generating a confusing sound which is very common nowadays with record productions.

In a few words 'Solar Child' is an album mostly for the fans of this kind of melancholic music not meaning that other people from other styles of metal music won't like it too.

3 Star Rating

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Tobias Below - Bass
Rene Jauernik - Drums
Mario Ermisch - Guitar
Sascha Shettler - Keys and Vox
Christian Faust - Vocals
Record Label: Season of Mist


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