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Mycelium - Scream Bloody Spore

Scream Bloody Spore
by Ricardo Casagrande at 18 January 2022, 1:53 PM

Founded in the spring of 2020 in Glasgow Scotland, Greg Edwards, formerly of NECRONOCLAST, returns on September 1st 2021 with a task of educating the world with knowledge of fungi through Death metal with his newest endeavor MYCELIUM. The name comes from the makeup of fungi, which are multiple hyphae, that absorb nutrients from a food source. With all of the songs on this album directly related to the varieties, characteristics and behaviors of fungi. Through death and science, Greg looks to take you down the dark path of these natural organisms.

The first track “Virosa” gets its name from one of the deadliest mushrooms that causes the slow, agonizing shutdown of the body. Though the tempo portrayed by the drums is anything but slow, the song creates the hectic realization of what is happening as the raspy gurgling growl of Greg, brings the sense of helplessness and anxiety to you. The song ends with the lyrics “Embraced By The Destroying Angel”, which is the nickname given to this deadly fungus. The album does not slow going into the second track with “Mycorrhizal With The Dead”. The drum blasts never seem to linger as the snare is pummeled the whole way through. There is rhythm to be found coexisting with the chaos, as the song is made from the idea of two natural organisms that coexist together, while benefiting off of each other. All in all, this album seems to come out blazing.

The forth track on the album is “Stench Of Impudicus”. Though the idea of a penis shaped fungus sprouting from the earth's soil given off a horrible odor comparable to rotten meat is a little concerning, the song is killer. There are some really nice guitar riffs, well placed mutes, and some good technical work. Along with a catchy chorus, this is a top song for me on the album.

“Rancid Guttation” has a bit of a toned down feel to it as compared to the rest of the album, that builds and releases, and comes back down again. It is a death metal headbanger that allows the listener to appreciate the incredibly low growl that Greg can summon time and time again on the album.

The next track up is “Essence of Deliquescence”, and gives off a doom metal vibe that, matched with the vocals, latches onto you and doesn’t let go. It has a lurking sense of unease as this type of fungi, upon decaying, will break down to a sticky, black gel. If you see a picture of these mushrooms in this process, you will understand the creepy, unnerving, but dark beauty that this song holds. The album finishes up with the track “Marginata”, as it starts off with a doom and gloom intro with some bells, signifying the death related to this mushroom. This song comes across as having a little more workings instrumentally than the others. The guitar riffs through the song like the mushrooms venom and the drums batter along the whole way.

This from start to finish is a good release. Greg’s vocals are as if he is trying to summon the fungi from the ground himself. The music really does follow with the depiction of these organisms and their behaviors. It was also cool to read into these and learn a little something that I may never have known, I guess that is just because I am a real fungi like that!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Virosa
2. Mycorrhizal with the Dead
3. Abhorrent Entomopathagen
4. Stench of Impudicus
5. Rancid Guttation
6. Devoured by Hypomyces
7. Essence of Deliquescence
8. Stipe Full of Maggots
9. Marginata
Greg Edwards - Vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming
Record Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation


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